Friday, 26 March 2010

Crochet Today Special Issue

As I mentioned earlier my sister in law got me a part subscription to Crochet Today for my Christmas present. I was expecting another couple of copies but not this special one.

Although I do admire afghans and people who have the patience to make them I haven't made anything bigger than a cot blanket in the past. I do like the cover afghan Boho Bedspread by Katherine Eng which I think could be an ongoing stash buster type of afghan. I could maybe tackle something like this and put a few rows in here and there rather than make it in one go.

The Granny Update hexagonal blanket by Bobbi Anderson is another favourite as I do like the colours.

I likes the green and white Stripes and Dots Blanket by Marianne Forrestal would make a very pretty pram or cot blanket.

The Blooming Blankie by Donna Childs is another pretty ripple pattern type blanket but I doubt if I would put the flowers around the edges.

The Pocket Blanket by Michele Wilcox is cute with it's little teddy pocket and I like the colours of the Stained Glass Afghan by Regina Rioux Gonzales.

The magazine has some useful tips on joining motifs together. I have always struggled with joining anything that isn't a square or hexagonal shape so hopefully I can read this for some enlightenment for joining circles or anything that needs an infill of crochet.

There are 25 afghan and baby blanket patterns in this special edition but they are not all new patterns as I have seen some of them before in previous copies of Crochet Today.

I have managed to crochet the back and almost two fronts of the baby pink cardigan. Buster seems to be a bit brighter today. Yesterday he slept most of the day in between bathings and he slept late (as did I) this morning. He is still walking with his head on one side but doesn't seem to be in as much pain today and managed to bark at the postman which shows that he is recovering.Yesterday he didn't even notice when I got mail through the letter box nor did he bark at the paper girl when she delivered my evening paper.

My next door neighbour's youngest came home from school with his arm in a sling and she was taking him to the hospital to see whether his arm was broken. He had fallen whilst playing football at school. I haven't seen her today to find out what happened at the hospital yesterday afternoon.

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Joyce said...

I sw a pattern of yours called Bright Times Romper. I would love to find it, I think it was made with Lion brand yarn. Do you have the pattern, or know the book it is in?