Thursday, 4 March 2010

She Ball Challenge

A little while ago the Bolton Knitting Noras were donated some wool. Amongst this wool were several balls of pink Sirdar She Mohair. It was decided to have a little competition between a few of the members to see what they could make from a ball of mohair. So far there has been a hat, a knitted heart shaped bikini, a necklace complete with pearls. A poodle bottle cover, a toilet roll crinoline lady cover, a cat's tutu. This is my attempt. Long fingerless mitts crocheted with a bright pink silky trim and laced up with pink cord. When everyone has finished there will be a vote by the members and small prizes for the winner.

I am not sure if anyone will want to wear these rather itchy bright pink mohair long opera mitts. Certainly not me as I itch like crazy if anything remotely woolly makes contact with my skin. My palms and fingers were red and itchy whilst I was crocheting these.

I didn't do any other knitting yesterday as I wanted to finish off this project. I was doing a bit of housework yesterday but as I am so slow there is still plenty to do today. I need to do some shopping and collect a prescription so I don't think much knitting or housework will be done today. I am so slow with my shopping so it takes me a couple of hours to walk up to the village, shop and walk down again.

One thing that we got shown at the pre knee operation meeting was an actual replacement knee joint. It is all made of titanium and we were all struck by the sheer weight of it. I am already battling with my weight and the fact that I will eventually have two of these will add a few pounds as I am sure that the kneecap that they remove weighs less than these replacements will do.

The apple shaped frame is a recipe holder that I got yesterday from Betterware. I have often thought of getting a sheet music holder to hold my patterns and books whilst I work so when I saw this I immediately saw the possibility. Holding the pattern up at an angle makes it far easier to read than laid flat on my coffee table. It seems sturdy enough to hold a pattern book as well as a single sheet.

Time for a coffee before I drag my trusty shopping trolley out of the garage and head off to do a bit of shopping.


Crafty Andy said...

Those are too much, I am back in the world of blogging

Zu said...

Oh wow those are gorgeous Jan! Too bad they're itchy though. lol
I sure hope you win. :-)