Monday, 29 March 2010

Little Princess Baby Jacket

I have made my first garment from Crochet For Babies book that I bought last week. This jacket is part of a dress and jacket ensemble called Little Princess and is designed by Laura Gebhardt. I like the jacket as it is a nice close stitch and I think the edging is very pretty although I decided not to put it on the sleeve edge as I didn't want little fingers getting stuck in the loops. The beanie hat is improvised from another pattern. I think that it looks slightly large to be a match for the cardigan size but I am out of touch with the size of baby heads these days.

The jacket took 100 grams of Wendy Lustre DK. I had used this yarn before so I also had a part ball as well as a complete ball. I think that maybe the whole set took approx 130 grams.

Tonight I am going to the Kings Arms knit Out. I love it when my niece has a holiday (she is a teacher) as it means that I get a lift to my knit clubs as she knows how much I struggle to go to places on my own.

Yesterday I got some wool given to me by a friend to crochet a shawl for one of her friends. It will be another Blue Curacao shawl by Doris Chan.I have made this quite a few times now but I never get tired of it. It is one of the prettiest shawls that I have made. We got the wool from Bury market the other Saturday and it is a lovely variegated shade. My sister in law fell in love with the wool when she saw it in the bag on the car journey home so I might have to make a trip to the market to see if I can get a pack to make something for her for Christmas. My sister in law also fell in love with the Ugg type boots that I had crocheted for my niece so I think that I will have to search for some suitable wool to make a pair for her. The wool that I used for my niece is discontinued so I will have to find a substitute.

I will start the shawl but tonight I will take another baby cardigan to crochet at the Kings as the lighting in there isn't very bright plus I like to be crocheting a pattern that I can chat at the same time whereas with the Blue Curacao I have to read and watch every row.


KnitNurd said...

Little Princess is just too cute..I know what you mean about baby's head sizes. They can vary so much!
Have a great time at your knitting group tonight!!!

Enid said...

hi Jan, both jackets are gorgeous. pattern and colour.
how are you for sleeping at night? hope it is improving.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Anonymous said...

I cant seem to find this pattern or book for the Little Princess Baby Jacket.I love it! Can you help me or give me a little more detail where it can be bought?

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

The pattern comes from a book that I bouhgt from Amazon. Crochet For Babies by the Needlecraft Shop 70217.The Little Princess is a dress and jacket designed by Laura Gebhardt. I hope that this helps you.