Monday, 8 March 2010

Last Of The She Ball Competitors

As promised yesterday these are the last of the entries for the Bolton Knitting Noras Sirdar She Ball Challenge. I have repeated Deb's toilet roll cover and bottle cozy as the photo turned out rather small yesterday.

The knitted cabled belt is Bev's entry. Oh how I envy her waistline! The hat complete with a beard is Lisa's entry. I think she deserves a medal just for wearing anything so itchy next to her face even if it was only for the photo. I am not sure how Caroline persuaded her cat to wear the tutu. She must have a very patient cat but even so I don't suppose that it stayed on for long!

I have finished off the red sweater finally. After two attempts to re knit the raglans of the sleeves the wool is looking rather crinkly but luckily it doesn't show as the wool is so randomly striped. I will take photos of it today and put it on the blog tomorrow.

I have been very sleepy so far today. I had a reasonable night's sleep, had my breakfast and then promptly fell asleep with my head resting in my hands on the computer desk. When I woke up I made a drink and then sat in the rocking chair by the patio doors to enjoy a bit of sunshine and fell asleep again. I think that I have got the sleepy sickness today as every time I sit down I fall asleep. Maybe my shower will waken me up. I hope so as I have a GP's visit later this afternoon.

Today is quite sunny. Not warm though as there is still a layer of frost on the neighbours car roofs. The sunshine is helping the amaryllis on it's final flowering of the season. It is going out with a bang instead of a whimper. It's last flowering has four flowers. Well two in bloom at the moment and two in bud ready to open very soon. I have placed it just in front of my sink so every time that I wash the dishes I can look at the lovely flowers.

I am trying to drum up some enthusiasm for returning to the striped knitting but for some reason it just isn't calling to me. I will finish it off eventually but I think it is going to be a case of knit a few rows on it and then do something else. I know from experience that if I try to push myself into finishing something that I am not keen on in one long knit then it stops me in my tracks and I just don't do anything.
I am sure that I will find something else to start and knit or crochet along side the striped sweater. I think that it is going to be a long WIP.


Bev Adam said...

Waistline is all down to those horrid spinning classes I go to! x

Zu said...

Love the entries. :) I especially like the belt and the cat tutu. Poor cat. hehe