Sunday, 7 March 2010

More She Ball Competitors

As I haven't got much of mine to show you today I thought that i would show you three of the other Knitting Noras entries for the quirkiest thing that they could make with just one ball of Sirdar She Mohair. The top photo shows Deb's two entries. They bring back memories of my aunt who made almost everyone in the family a poodle toilet roll cover. I think this one is a bottle cover and the crinoline lady is the loo roll cover. The second photo was the first one to be finished and modelled. Eadaoin modelling at a Sunday Knit Club meeting much to the amusement of everyone there. The last photo is Sophie's necklace. She also made a hat. The competition is open to all Knitting Noras to vote and the results will be in a month or so. I will keep you posted and probably put photos of the other three entries on here tomorrow. You have already seen my gloves so there is no need to put them on here again.

I have managed to remake the sleeves of my chunky sweater and it is all stitched up now. I have to complete the knitting of the collar and stitch on the buttons and then it will be finished.

I haven't done a lot of knitting today as I was doing some washing and then watching Julie from next door trimming her trees with the help of her friend. They also cut down one branch from my tree at the front which only needed a couple more inches of growth and it would have been banging on Julie's telephone line so I asked if they would saw that branch off before it had chance to grow any taller. Now her trees have been pruned I think that she will find her lounge will be a lot warmer. It faces the same direction as mine and my room gets so hot in the summer. I think that her trees were blocking all of her sunlight.

Thanks Andy for telling me that you are back to your blogging. I am feeling very guilty as I have been very tardy lately at reading the blogs that I normally keep up with on a daily basis. I must set aside an hour or so this week and catch up with everyone's news.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that bikini. How clever! The necklace is lovely. It will be fun to see who wins.

Hope all is well and your weather warms up soon. Until then, we'll just have to stay warm.


Zu said...

I bet the bra and undies would be soooo itchy to wear for real. lol
Thats a gorgeous necklace!
I feel bad as well, I'm way behind on my blog Reading. I've updated my blog a few times, and am gonna see how much blog hopping I can get done today. :-)