Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Blue Curacao Shawl ----------- yes another one

I am crocheting my favourite shawl pattern again. It is the Blue Curacao Shawl by Doris Chan from her Amazing Lace Book. My friend Sylvia bought the wool when we went up to Bury Market together the other week. It is a chunky variegated. Mostly acrylic but with 10% wool and 10% Mohair. The colour is Autumn but the wool was sold as a pack with a plain white label on it. When I had my wool shop I used to get offered lines like this. They can be discontinued lines from a big spinner. slight seconds or slight mis dyes. There is nothing wrong with the quality but the manufacturer will only sell it as unlabelled. I think that I will have enough with this pack to make a couple of shawls. Sylvia has commissioned me to make them as gifts for her friends.I think that as the wool is quite thick that I will put the second shawl on a larger hook as it could stand being a looser tension. The shawl will block out a lot larger once it is finished. At the moment it looks quite small and the pattern close together but as I have made a few in the past I know that they block out really well and look all the better for a good wet blocking which allows the pattern to spread and reveal the pineapple stitch..

Buster is a lot better today. He was going to be walked by a neighbour (if he will go) today but as the rain is absolutely beating down I think that his walk will be delayed to another day.She has a harness and a retractable lead as Buster can't wear his collar again until his neck wounds heal completely. They are still a bit tender if I try to inspect them but I am no longer bathing them as they are healing nicely now.

Last night I went to the Kings Arms Knit Club and on the way back I asked my niece if we would call into Tesco as I needed some more tins of dog food. I bought Buster a new ball. They always squeak when I buy them but usually within a day or so they will be chewed so that the squeaker falls out. So far it is still intact and he has driven me crazy last night and today playing with his new ball. He will entertain himself for hours with a ball that squeaks. The photo was taken yesterday afternoon with his old battered green tennis ball. As you can see he is looking a lot brighter and is no longer hanging his head on one side.

I haven't mentioned my knees for a few days as there is no change and I don't want my blog to be a constant whine. If I don't mention them then just presume that nothing has changed.


sylvia said...

The shawl looks fab so far Jan keep up the good work.

Ana Luisa said...

the shawl looks so nice, and good to read Buster is doing better.
Come over to my blog, there's a photo you might like to see. :)