Thursday, 18 March 2010

Crochet for Babies Book

Now this is more like it. As promised I have put a few patterns on the blog from Crochet for Babies 70217 The Needlecraft Shop. There are so many beautiful patterns in this book that I will put a few on each blog as I couldn't possibly choose which ones that I like the best.

The first is a typical matinee set complete with bootees, hat and blanket.Soft Shells Layette by Karen Whooley. The design is very pretty but I would have chosen smaller buttons as they do tend to dominate and distract from the pattern.

The second is a darling hat called Visiting Granny Hat by Bonnie Pierce. I think it gets it's name from the fact that the crown is a granny square or should I say a granny round.

The bootees are aptly named Fancy Footwear by Shelia Leslie and they are such a pretty set of bootees. Two pairs are decorated with flowers, one pair simulates Mary Janes with socks and the last pair in blue is laced up the front like a little pair of trainers.

The Cozy Sack for Preemie by Cassandra Hennen is modelled on a doll and would be great for any big sister's dolly when a new baby arrives in the family. I think it helps to stave off jealousy if big sister has a baby doll to dress up and care for too.

The Pillow Toys for Playtime by Svetlana Avrakh would make lovely soft safe toys for a young baby to play with and as the name suggests they would not hurt the baby if it fell asleep on any of them. As long as all of the trimmings are securely fastened on as everything makes it way into a baby's mouth.

The baby blanket is entitled Heirloom Aran Afghan as it is something that would stay in the family and is large enough to be useful as a floor throw or a cot blanket for an older child or even a lapghan for an adult.

There are so many patterns in this book that I am not going to be able to photograph every one but I will post more on here on a daily basis. In contrast to the knitted vintage book there are lots of patterns that I will make use of from this book. A welcome addition to my crochet library.

Thank you Ana Luisa for pointing me in the direction of a free vintage crochet pattern site in the comments on my last blog post. I just love those kind of patterns and will be having a really good browse on that site when I get time to have a good look.

I have started a knitted long sleeve for the striped sweater. I think that I will have enough cotton as I have measured and only need a sleeve length of 16" before I cast off. The sleeve head is straight as the sweater is drop shouldered so not many stripes to knit until I reach 16".

This morning was funny. I got up and went into the bathroom. I woke up some 15 minutes later still sitting on the toilet. The last time I did that I was quite young and had a little too much to drink. There is a first for everything. Now I know I am getting old. Cat napping on the toilet is not the comfiest place to sleep! I am used to nodding off in a chair whilst watching TV and even falling asleep over the PC but I shall have to be more watchful when I visit the smallest room in future.

I am still longing to start crocheting but I really am trying to finish the knitted sleeves first. So far I have resisted temptation.


Anonymous said...

I had to laugh when you said you fell asleep sitting in the bathroom. I too have done that and it's a bit disconcerting. AND uncomfortable.

I love that little hat. That's really quite precious, isn't it?

lalltop said...

I too love that hat and I think I saw that book at the library the other day, I might have to go and check it out tomorrow...

I also love the sweater you can't seem to finish, I really do... It would be perfect for me if it were a V neck though but I think the colors are wonderful together and you always do such a marvelous job on any project you make... Congrats!.. Lynn

Zu said...

I love this pattern book! Almost makes me want to have a baby so I can make them all. hehe Almost. ;-)
Maybe I'll just go befriend a pregnant woman for now. hehe