Tuesday, 9 March 2010

A Lovely Spring Morning

It's a beautiful spring morning today. The sun is shining and the crocus and daffodils are starting to poke their heads out of the soil. I do hope that this is the start of more spring like weather as I am getting fed up of all the doomy gloomy weather.

Yesterday my ex popped around to see me and dismantled the plastic greenhouse that was in front of my kitchen window. It had suffered during the winter storms and was leaning at a dangerous angle and the plastic cover was pitted with holes rendering it useless for cultivating any seedlings. It has made a big difference to the light in my kitchen but the disadvantage of all of this sunlight is that it shows up my rather dirty windows. I stopped the window cleaner a long time ago as he used to clean portholes in a rectangular window and I knew for a fact that when I wasn't in he didn't clean them at all.Our street now has different window cleaners but I am unsure about starting with them as they use a long handled brush to clean the upstairs instead of a ladder and a cloth. The brush may clean them just as well but I just have this vision of streaky upstairs windows. Plus my back garden is only accessible through my garage so if I wasn't in when they called then they could not clean the back windows.

Last night I managed to make myself go back to the striped knitting but I only did the rib and two stripes. Perhaps if I can do a stripe or two per day then eventually it will get finished.

I am pleased with the red sweater now I have finally got the sleeves sorted out. I buy loads of new patterns and then find out that I like my vintage patterns the best. As you can see from the style, price and hairstyle I have had this pattern since the 60's. It does fit very well and I do think raglan sleeves are more flattering to a larger lady.The wool that I used was 3 x 200 grams of James C Bretts Marble chunky colour MC 14 which is widely available on the net. I got mine from Purplelinda.

I am going to pattern browse and think what I am going to make next. Possibly a pair of crochet slipper socks for my niece. Firstly though - it's coffee time.


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June said...

Your new jumper is lovely Jan. I really like looking at the old patterns. Even after all these years, they still make up well.

June said...
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Enid said...

gorgeous colour and fit on you is great.
can empathise on how you feel about the stripe project, have been times one of mine took ages 'cos I couldn't stir up interest. but a few rows at a time will see it grow.

Zu said...

That is gorgeous! Wow you really do get lots done. hehe