Saturday, 6 March 2010

Here I Go Again

Here I go again. Unravelling. I think that I have qualified for a degree in unpicking and unravelling by now. I think that it is fate paying me back for indulging myself in a bit of plain knitting and putting the striped knitting to one side. I had almost finished this sweater and when I came to stitch it together before I made the bands and collar I found that the sleeve raglans didn't fit into the back and front raglans. I have re-read the pattern and I don't know why they don't fit. I have made this sweater two or three times before in the past and didn't have a problem. Anyhow I have unpicked one sleeve back to the start of the raglan and will have to space the decreases out every 4 rows instead of every other for a while to gain the additional rows needed to make the sleeves fit. It's a good thing that it is chunky wool and so won't take that long to re-knit.

Today I will have to catch up on the housework. Yesterday I had reached out the mop bucket and was hoovering when I had an unexpected visitor. I love having visitors and the housework can always be done on another day. I haven't seen this friend since before I had my spinal operation so we had a lot of catching up to do. By the time my friend had gone I had lost the urge to mop. It doesn't take much to put me off any housework. I clean but I am not zealous about it anymore. When I was young and fit I was always cleaning and the house was spic and span but as I have got older and am not as fit I do sometimes wish that my house was like it used to be but I decided a few years ago that there was no point in making myself ill just for a lot of cleaning. My cleaning does get done but in dribs and drabs and probably not as efficiently as it used to. But then I have only myself to please and my friends understand my problems and turn a blind eye to my clutter.

The amaryllis is flowering for the third time. I think that this will be it's last time as it has now grown leaves and there are no more budding stems to grow. It has been a lovely Christmas present as it has given me pleasure at the kitchen sink for over 2 months. It's nice to see flowers on a dull and rainy day.

Today I am going to finish some housework and then hopefully manage to unravel and finish off this sweater and then maybe tonight I can force myself back to the striped cotton knitting once again.


Anonymous said...

I had to do a couple of days' catch-up since my computer has been down so this is a comment about your posts of the last couple of days:

I LOVED EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!! I'm so sorry you had to unpick the raglan sleeves. How frustrating but I'm very happy you had company and got to put your housework aside for another day. I love the book with all the little fashions in it. How precious those are. I can't wait to see what you make out of it. You did wonders with a ball of mohair, me dear. I'm like you though. Mohair just gives me the itchy-twitchy.


Ana Luisa said...

Too bad about having to unpick the sleeves, but you're such a quick knitter, you'll have it done in no time again!
The amarylis is gorgeous. Mine are just starting to grow leaves again, after I pruned them last year (silly me.) I assume you'll keep the bulbs for the next blooms?
I understand what you mean about housework: like you, I used to keep my house much cleaner and tidier, but now, I wouldn't care less. I do have a lady who comes in 2 a week to do the cleaning, so that really helps. I do everything else, cooking and laundry, etc. I just hate to clean up...

Zu said...

Gorgeous flowers!! I wish I could keep plants alive long enough to enjoy them. *sigh*