Sunday, 28 March 2010

Pink Crochet Baby Jacket

I do love crocheting baby clothes - especially ones for baby girls. This jacket isn't destined for any particular baby. A friend of mine fosters babies, as does a friend of hers so one day one of them will get a little girl baby (I hope) Much as I love little boys it isn't quite the same thrill crocheting or knitting for them. The pattern for this jacket is one of Kay Jones number 199 and is made from 100 grams of Robin Bonny Babe DK. The pattern has a matching beanie but as I only had 100 grams I didn't have enough to make that as well. I like working with Kay's patterns as they use UK terms and I don't have to convert with every line. I have placed a link to her site in the blog title. Take a look at her site she does adult patterns as well as baby and children's crochet patterns.

Today I got a lift to the Knitting Noras in my niece's new car. Oh the luxury of a lovely comfy ride instead of dragging myself on the metro and the bus. My knees have been particularly bad this week so I would have had to give the Knit Out a miss if not for a lift. My niece has offered to take me to the Kings Arms knit club tomorrow night so I am a very lucky lady this week.I wasn't able to get to the Islington Mill knit out yesterday as I still have Buster and I didn't think that it was fair to leave him on his own for hours two days together plus the fact that I would have had a metro trip and a bus trip both directions. If I had one good knee I would buy myself a little scooter and scoot my way up to the tram station as it is the walk to and from there that really kills my knees. That would be a sight for sore eyes. Fat lady on a kid's scooter flying up the road with knitting bags on the handlebars!

I gave my niece her Ugg type crochet boots as she will be away for her birthday. I told her that I am making her something else but as it is on hold because of Buster hair then she will get it later. I didn't tell her what it is as I don't want to spoil the surprise. It won't take me that long to finish it once Buster has gone back home.

The couple who live across the road were enquiring why I had Buster as they know that I can't walk him and I was explaining about his injuries. He is raring to go out for a walk but I can't put a collar on him as yet. Bernie offered to walk him for me as she has a harness for her dog which will not go anywhere near his neck wounds. She said that she will take him for a short walk on a long lead on Tuesday. I just hope that he will go with her.He is a funny dog. Very clingy. We can only try. If he is on a lead then he won't be able to go into the water but will be able to run a bit free on the extending lead.

I have started crocheting another baby cardigan in lilac from the new crochet book that I like. I will post photos of it once it is finished.


June said...

I also really like Kay's patterns. They are easy to read and in UK terms. I have made several of her grown-up patterns too. The little pink baby jacket is so pretty and just right for a baby girl.

Zu said...

Awww that is adorable! :-)
hehe I'm sure you'd look great on a scooter. The thought of your crochet bags on the handle bars makes me smile. hehe

Val Myers said...

I just love this pink baby sweater, i did not see the link, it keeps saying free pattern but in would by it if i can find it, need it for someone by the 13th of april
THank You

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

This is the pattern link to this pattern It isn't a free pattern but it can be bought digitally so you don't have to wait for it to arrive as it comes via e mail. I have used a lot of Kay's patterns.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

This is the home page

Val Myers said...

thank you much