Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My Wounded Soldier

I have got Buster for a few days. I did mention before that there had been trouble in the ranks between Buster and Dillon. Buster has always managed to be the top dog whenever there was a skirmish but last night Dillon must have decided that he didn't want to submit. It developed into a major dog fight and Buster has come off the worse. He has been badly bitten about the ears and has several tooth wounds around his neck so is generally feeling very sorry for himself. He is doing a bit of clinging today but hopefully that will settle down as the days go on. Dillon has hopefully got a new family lined up. One of my son's friends who has recently lost a dog similar to Dillon might have him so they are going to take him along for a meeting this weekend to see how it works out. My son's other dog will miss Dillon as they curl up in the basket together but Buster was their first dog so if anyone has to leave then it has to be Dillon. Since this fight happened they don't feel that they can trust the two male dogs together alone and so Dillon would have to be in a dog cage whenever they are out which isn't fair to the dog. I do hope that he gets rehomed this weekend. He is a lovely dog but at 9 months old he is so playful and really needs some one to one attention.

Buster is moulting like mad but I can't brush him because of his open wounds. I will just have to keep bathing them until they show signs of healing. His moulting means that the black crochet will have to be put away in a bag for a while as it is for a present and I don't want it to be covered in dog hair.

The jacket has progressed a little and I have almost crocheted 200 grams into the body of it. I will start something else tonight. Something small that I can wash when it is finished and get rid of the dog hair. Dog hair seems to cling onto black wool and even if I wash it then I will still see loads of dog hair. Maybe later in the week, when I can give Buster a good brushing, I can get it back out of the bag.

Buster is street watching at the moment. The boys are playing football in the street so he is sat on the pouffe watching them play and the world go by. He is finding it hard to sleep even though he appears to be very tired. As both ears have been bitten as well as underneath his neck and collar line he can't put his head on one side to lie down and sleep. Hopefully we will find a way around this by tonight. I will bathe him again before bedtime.

I hope that Dillon goes to a new home at the weekend and then Buster can go back home again. I love him to bits but I know that I just cannot look after him properly. I can't walk him which won't be a problem this week as my son wants me to keep him clean and away from any dirt that might infect his bites. Also he can't wear his collar at the moment.


sylvia said...

Poor Buster I do hope he gets well again very soon.

June said...

What a shame about poor Buster. He must be feeling very relieved to be back with you again and away from Dillon. Hope Dillon gets rehoused soon.