Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Are They Meant To Be Flat?

I have just been for my routine Mammogram at the aptly named Popham Centre at Fairfield Hospital.I felt as though they were trying to pop them. Although I have always had a fair sized bosom I would never say that I was big. The thought crossed my mind as they tried their damnedest to iron my boob as flat as a pancake, and in doing so it spread my boob across the X-ray plate in a manner mimicking pastry being rolled out. What if I had bigger boobs? Would they have to use an X ray plate the size of a tea tray?

I met up with a former neighbour in the centre who I haven't seen for some time. I didn't like to say that she looked dreadful but I was shocked by her appearance. it turns out that the poor lady has been very poorly with cancer and has had not only chemo but a bone marrow stem cell transplant from her brother. He travelled from Sweden and luckily he was an exact match for her bone marrow,He is younger than her and very fit and healthy so I hope that all goes well for her. She is a really lovely lady. She and her husband offered me a lift back to my home town as they don't live too far away. I was really grateful for the lift as my knees ached from the trip up there via metro and bus.

I called in the charity shops as I usually do for a browse. I am always on the look out for wool and today I was lucky. I got this pink double knit for £3. I am not sure how much there is as some of the balls are not full balls but I will be able to make a pram blanket with it once I hear of a little girl baby. I don't know if you can see from the close up photo but it has little flecks of different colours in it.

I have started another jacket for my elder niece for her birthday at the beginning of April. I made her this jacket at Christmas in pale blue with short sleeves and although she loved it she said could I make her one with long sleeves. As I said in a previous blog the market stall didn't have much choice of colours in the wool that I bought last time. I chose black as it is a general colour that will go with a lot of her outfits. I would have liked to have chosen a brighter colour but there wasn't much choice. She doesn't know about this jacket and I had already promised to make her a couple more so next time she is on school holidays she can nip over to the Yarn Barn in Shaw and get some brighter coloured wool for another jacket.

I altered the pattern considerably so I am winging it once again as I cannot remember how I made it last time. Fortunately I took many photos for Flickr and Ravelry so I keep referring back to them for guidance. This time I am going to write better notes!

Time for a welcome cup of coffee and put my knees up for an hour or so. I am going to do some crocheting. I have loads of housework to do but my knees say no at the moment. Maybe later when I have had a rest....or maybe not ;)

I am so envious of the ladies who manage to find crochet books at their libraries. My local library doesn't cater for anyone who knits or crochets. They have a few tired old books and even when I look on the central library list there is nothing any different in there. I am always having to order books just so that I can read what is in them, Needless to say I have lots of books with only one item in that I like that I probably would not have bought if I had browsed it first. I have ordered a couple more crochet books and they should be delivered this week. I do hope that I like something in these as much as I like the last baby crochet book.

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KnitNurd said...

You're too funny, Jan! I know what you mean about the boob mashing, but they say it's for our own good. I hope your friend will do well with her transplant also!
Enjoy your crocheting evening...trust me, that housework isn't going anywhere!! :=)