Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Buttoned Cuff Boots

Last night I started a pair of Buttoned Cuff Boots by Darla Sims from the Annie's Attic Booklet 879531 Slippers by the Dozen. Now I have looked at the first slipper in the daylight I can see a couple of Oops in the decreasing at the front of the boot so I think that I will take the slipper back to the sole and this time mark the centre stitch up the centre foot to make sure that the decreases are even on either side. As the slipper is all done by counting stitches I think that I must have mis counted last night. I am using up some wool from stash. I think that it is Listers Kaftan which is an aran thickness. I crocheted the soles in doubled wool as the pattern stated but although it is nice and firm for the sole I thought that maybe it was a little firm for the whole slipper. On reflection I think that when I re-do the slipper I might continue with the doubled wool all through as stated on the pattern.

I managed to bribe myself into knitting another couple of stripes on my sweater. Hopefully I can do another couple of stripes today. This way it will soon be over as the sleeves are far smaller to knit than the body has been. First though I must try to sort out the slipper decreases whilst it is still daylight. They will certainly be solid little boots when they are finished. I am making them for my elder niece as she spotted them on the pattern when I first got it and remarked how much she liked them.

I think that I will have a sit down and do nothing (apart from crochet and knit) day today. Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist and that involves a walk to and from the metro in both directions so if I rest today I will be better equipped for the journey. My dentist has his surgery upstairs and I keep joking that he should fit a stair lift for people such as me. I will probably have to skip my next 6 monthly check up if I have had my operation by then as they are very steep stairs even though they do have a handrail.

I got a phone call yesterday to say that the disability aids people are delivering a couple of things for me on Friday that the occupational therapist ordered for me to use before and after my operation. One is a sort of tall lean on seat for use in the kitchen. Yesterday I made potato hash and my knees did not like standing there whilst I peeled and chopped. I have a small stool on the kitchen but it is too low. This new stool has a slope so that I can perch without bending my knees much and has handles for support when I want to get up. I am sure that it will be a boon when I am washing the dishes and maybe now I will get around to the ironing. Well maybe not ;) I hate ironing.

The other two aids are for the bathroom to assist in my toileting. I welcome anything that makes my life easier. At one time I would not have even considered anything like this but pride goes out of the window when pain flies in. I would love one of those mobility scooters so that I could zip up to the shops and back again but I won't get one as I am meant to keep trying to walk as much as possible to keep me active and try to get the weight down. I would be afraid that I would learn to rely on the scooter too much and not walk at all.

They are delivering me a disability catalogue as well so that I can see what is on offer. Probably most of it I will have to buy but if they are things that I will need on a long term basis then I will probably get a few things to make life easier. My house will officially turn into an old peoples home. :) I no longer care what people think. As my 4 wheeled shopping trolley now seems to be a permanent fixture in my life I might splash out and buy a new one as mine was given to me and has definitely seen better days. The new ones are more sturdy and can be leaned on when empty whereas mine has a tendency to tip. I don't know why but I can walk better with my trolley than I can with my stick.

It's another Spring like morning but it still feels a bit cold outside. The sun is shining and even though there isn't much warmth in it I do feel better in myself for seeing a bit of sunshine through my windows.


Ana Luisa said...

Hi! Just stopped by to say you're doing an awesome job on your knitting! I wish I could knit as fast as you! Well done!
I hope things get better for you after the operation. And, do try to wals as much as possible, it's excellent exercise and good for the heart, too.
Take care.

Ana Luisa said...

oh, and just to add: those crocheted booties look soooo pretty. :)

Zu said...

Oh no! Your knees are making you old! We have to stop this immediately! It's not your turn to be old yet darlin. ;-)

Rita said...

Hello there and Merry Christmas. I have a question about your crocheted booties. Because I saw them on your blog and thought they were sooo darned cute, I ordered the pattern book but seem to be having a problem. I was wondering if you might help me. I'm good until I get to the sides then I'm not sure how to end my rounds. Can you tell me? Oh, I would sure appreciate it!

Jan said...

As it is quite some time since I made the slippers and my niece has them so I can't look at them again to check. I presume that I would have slip stitched when I reached the end of a round.
I find that stitch markers are a must otherwise it is so difficult to tell when one round ends and the other begins

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Kathryn. I just came across your site here and noticed it was March when you posted. You mentioned surgery. Have you had it? Are you okay? Did it help you? I love your crocheting and I hope you are still able to and that you are feeling okay.

Guylaine Pellerin said...

Hi just came across your site. What stitch did you use for the cuff on the booties? I have this pattern and ,for the life of me, I don't understand their instructions either.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

I can't remember which stitch I used as I gave the slippers to my niece so can't have another look at them. Looking at the photo it looks a bit like alternating 1 Double crochet with 1 single crochet and then on the next round doing 1 dc into the single crochet and one sc into the double crochet