Monday, 15 March 2010

I Feel Pretty - Oh So Pretty

I often get asked why I am still single. I think that the top photo speaks volumes.I might be able to attract a man but he would have to be someone really special to want to sleep and wake up with me wearing my new CPAP breathing mask that I got today. Not only do I look absolutely fabulous wearing it the CPAP machine that it is attached to hisses and blows air and manages to sound as if someone is hoovering next to the bed. As you can see I am altogether a luscious package. Not much point wearing a sexy negligee when any poor man sleeping next to me would think he was in a force ten gale as the air whistles past his ears. Perhaps I should make potential suitors wear a balaclava helmet and ear plugs in bed?

I have been missing for a couple of days. I have had a busy social life for a change. Today wasn't so good I was out on public transport going to and from the hospital. I thought I had found a better way to eliminate the walking.It was a success as far as that was concerned but I had an unguided tour around Cheetham Hill along streets that were never designed for a bus to travel down them so there were a few hairy moments as it squeezed past cars almost taking of the wing mirrors.We went past where I first worked for the Jobcentre and it is no longer there. The people of Cheetham Hill must all be in work or else they now make them travel more miles to make a claim.I suspect that the latter is the case. I left my house at twelve and didn't get back until after five but I did call at Marks and Spencers on the way home. Thoughts of cooking dinner fled from my head and I settled for something for the oven. I went into the hospital cafe after my appointment but my sandwich was so disgusting that I left it. I had asked for a baked potato and the guy said he didn't have any. Two minutes later three people walked past me with baked potatoes. When I was on my way out I gave him a piece of my mind. I bet he won't forget me in a hurry. I told him exactly what I thought of his service and how rotten his sandwich was.

On Saturday I met up with my friend Sylvia and her foster baby and we went to Bury Market. I bought some black Jarol Heritage DK. It has 55% wool and is lovely and soft. I used some for my niece's Christmas present and she said it has washed really well. Unfortunately the stall holder said that it hasn't sold as well as he hoped so I guess that he won't be restocking it. He sells it for £2 per 100 gram which I think is extremely reasonable for something with so much wool. The aubergine is a mystery yarn without labels. As it was only £5.50 for the whole bag I bought it. If it only lasts a little while I don't mind at that price. I am going to make another Doris Chan sweater with it. I find that I really do wear them every day whereas I have a disgusting amount of fancier crochet items that languish unworn in my wardrobe as I consider them too nice to wear in the house. Sylvia bought some gorgeous fluffy chunky in muted random colours. I was very tempted but I made myself resist as I still have loads of wool in stash yet to work up. There never seems to be the colour that you fancy in stash though does there - or is that just me?

I have put some photos from the Vintage Baby Knits book by Kristen Rengren. I am still disappointed with the book. I was hoping for actual vintage patterns as I do love them but these are nothing like any vintage patterns that I have ever seen with the exception of the pink matinee jacket. The cape wouldn't be so bad if they had chosen a smaller baby to model it and the coat would be better if they chose a slimmer baby as the buttons gape badly. On first glance the red pram set looks OK but in the close up the collar is so big that it swamps the child and wouldn't keep it warm unless it was wearing a scarf underneath it as there is such a gap betwixt neck and collar. I will post some more tomorrow but don't hold your breath for anything wonderful.I have far prettier actual vintage patterns in my stash although I did "lose" a lot of them when a friend borrowed them and then denied she had ever borrowed them. I was and still am heartbroken about that loss. My charity shops never have any loose patterns for me to browse in - nor do they ever have any wool either. I keep asking on the off chance but it never happened. Other people who live in different areas seem to find lots of vintage patterns at car boots and charity shops.

My son and daughter in law visited me yesterday for Mother's Day. I was supposed to be getting a plant that they had chosen for me but Dillon the youngest dog decided that he was a herbivore and ate it! I got a box of emergency chocolates as most places were closed when they discovered the eaten plant. That dog is a real handful. I think that they are trying to re home him as he needs someone with lots of patience and no other dogs or cats. They saved him from going to the dog's home when they got him originally and are trying to re home him. Several people have shown interest in him so hopefully he will have a new home soon. He is a lovely dog but just too full of energy and mischief as he is still a young pup. Unfortunately he is teaching my son's other dog to be naughty and she was really well trained before he arrived. Buster tries to ignore him most of the time but eventually he loses him temper with the pup.

I have almost finished the second piece of the striped knitting. Once I have done the neckband then I will only have the sleeves to make and as the sweater is drop shouldered they shouldn't take as long. I need to start the black wool as it is for a gift but ideally I would like to finish the sweater off first before I start crocheting.

Watch this space. No bets on whether I give in and start to crochet tonight.


KnitNurd said...

Actually Jan, I wish my husband would give in and get a has to be better than his snoring. OMG, there are some nights he wakes me up scaring me half to death.
What pretty new stash you picked up. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes off your needles/hooks with it!

Anonymous said...

That is almost exactly like my mask. Ken has never complained about the machine noise as he is so happy not to have the snoring sounds coming from my side of the bed. Lately, however, I am thinking he might need one of his own!

Love your new yarns and can't wait to see what you make with it.