Friday, 19 March 2010

More patterns from Crochet Baby Book

I have managed to work out the stitches to convert a short sleeve into a long sleeve and have finished the first one. Sorry Lynn (Lalltop) the sweater has a round neck even though it is more of a scooped neckline. I feel that I am on the last stretch now and hope to have the sweater finished over the weekend and then I can reward myself with some crochet.

As promised here are some more patterns from the Crochet for Babies book. There are so many patterns in the book and nearly all of them are so sweet but I can only post just a few on here. I wish that I could crochet with yarn that has a textured effect. I think that the bobble blanket by Mary Ann Sipes called Warm and Cuddly looks lovely made in Red Heart Baby Clouds chunky.

I love the Grandma's Double Delight by Elaine Bartlett as it is a granny square theme but is quite a close stitch instead of the usual openwork granny square that I am used to making. This blanket has less holes for a tiny baby to get it's fingers stuck in. I think the delicate colours chosen for this blanket look lovely.

I have skipped over a couple more lovely blankets to show you the Swirly Fringed Blanket by Karen Hay as I think that the edging is very unusual. More secure for babies even if they put the fringe in their mouths.

The Lil Lamb Cardigan and Hat by Darla Sims is too adorable for words. Once again though it is done in boucle chunky - this time Bernat baby chunky boucle. I think that the wool makes the jacket look like a little sheep and I don't think that it would look as nice in a plain wool. I always manage to get my hook tangled up in my stitches when I try to crochet anything boucle.

The Beach Baby Ensemble bikini by Mary Ann Sipes is lovely. I think that it is merely for sunbathing and play wear as anyone of my age group has vivid memories of wearing handmade swimwear that stretched out of all recognition once it got wet.

The Blue poncho is part of the same beach ensemble and it brings back memories of when I crocheted my baby a blue and white striped poncho all those years ago. They were very fashionable way back in the late 60's and I used to use it over his coat for an extra layer when he was in his pram. Often I would just tuck it around him when he was sleeping as he hated being wrapped up in shawls or blankets.

Today I have washed the bedding as it looks like a good drying day although the sun has gone in again this afternoon. I was going to Tesco for food shopping this afternoon but my eyes keep closing. I don't know whether it is my new mask that isn't working properly or just me but I can't keep my eyes open today. I will hopefully manage to do some shopping tomorrow. I will try the morning tomorrow when I am a bit more alert.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the granny square baby blanket is lovely. Are you going to make it?

Am still waiting to see that sweater. I am SO loving the colors. I know it's not your favorite but I think it's beautiful.

lalltop said...

I did go and pick up this book at the library today and there are a few things I may make from it for my sisters newest granddaughter, she is 3 months old now and I saw a few things I might be able to whip up for her.

I don't know why I find that sweater so striking but I do, it must be the colors as I really never buy something without a V neck or buttons I can unbutton. I feel as though I am choking if I have anything up around my neck. I don't understand it but there it is, I am a tad strange I guess. Lynn

Zu said...

Okay, it's decided, I want this book. Very rarely do I come across a book that has so many things in it that I'd like to make! :-)