Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Almost Finished

I have almost finished the first Blue Curacao shawl. I say the first as there will be enough wool left to make two shawls. As they are for gifts for different friends then Sylvia knows then they won't bump into each other whilst wearing them.

I have a couple of rows left to do on it so it is bigger than the photos that I took yesterday. Then I have to wet block it out so hopefully there will be some finished photos tomorrow.

My neighbour came to walk Buster yesterday but he refused to go with her. He got quite excited at the word walk but then wanted me to go as well. I feel sorry for him but I really can't take him out for a walk. The woodland is very uneven and quite slippy in parts so I am afraid d of slipping and falling even if I can manage to walk the distance. He has now de squeakered his new ball but I have managed to fish out the squeaker with the aid of a crochet hook and put it back for the moment although I know he will push it back into the ball by the end of today. It's amazing what other uses there is for crochet hooks. In the old days hairdressers used to pull strands of hair through plastic bags with a crochet hook to put streaks in ladies hair. Surgeons use fine hooks when doing varicose vein operations but I dread to think how they use them - the mind boggles..

Early this morning when I let Buster out into the garden it was snowing! Big flakes but thankfully they melted as they hit the ground. I am watching the TV news and lots of places have had lots of snow especially Scotland and Ireland. Awful weather when it is supposed to be Spring. Lots of teenagers injured and one killed in a coach crash in Lanarkshire. Lots of people stuck in their cars as the snow blizzards hit so suddenly.I do hope that the snow doesn't make it down to Manchester.

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