Thursday, 1 April 2010

Multi Coloured Blue Curacao Shawl

The first Blue Curacao Shawl is finished and I am part way through the second. I always feel that it sounds funny calling a shawl Blue Curacao when it is a different colour. It is, of course, the name of the beautiful shawl pattern by Doris Chan. Today the weather is quite sunny although it is still a bit cold so the shawl will soon dry. The shawl looks quite scrunched up until it is wet blocked. I am making the second shawl on a larger hook as I think that will open up the pattern better.

The shawl has taken 500 grams of the brushed chunky so I have enough to make the second shawl. I like making this pattern when I don't have to alter the pattern. Friends who I have made the shawl for have sometimes brought me Double Knit thickness wool and I have to juggle about making the shawl bigger and I tend to lose my enthusiasm for the pattern then. It works best of all in an aran thickness but it does make a very warm shawl when done in a brushed chunky as this one is.

Buster and I have been playing ball in the back garden today making the most of the wee bit of sunshine we are having. We haven't seen any of the snow that other parts of the country are experiencing. I can remember years ago my Mum and Dad went to Wales for Easter with their brand new red car and my Dad took photos of the car in the thick snow. I do hope that it doesn't snow again this year as a lot of my family and friends are going away for an Easter break.

Easter always makes me think of my Dad. Up to him becoming very ill he never failed to buy me an Easter Egg as to him I was still his little girl. He took great delight in buying eggs for the kids and members of staff. I don't buy any eggs as my great grand daughters get a lot bought for them and their parents aren't that keen on them having too much chocolate and sweets. When my son was small my family thought that I was awful when I said don't buy him any eggs - buy him a toy instead. He was born without a coating on his baby teeth so I was doubly aware of tooth decay and limiting his sweet treats. When his second teeth came through I paid to have each tooth coated and he has only lost one tooth to tooth decay and that was because he neglected a broken tooth.

It's washing day today as I don't like doing housework on an Easter Holiday weekend unless it is necessary. I have to hoover daily, of course, because of the dog hair.


Ana Luisa said...

The shawl is lovely, well done!

Anonymous said...

Jan, the shawl is lovely -- as usual. I think the coloring is just amazing. I think it's my favorite of the shawls you have done.

I will post pictures later today on my blog of the horrific snowstorm we had yesterday. You'd think it was December here. My daffodils are totally buried.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

love love love the shawl:) I wear mine all the time. Think I may have to get some rich ambers reds and russets yarn and plead for another one:)
We have sunshine here and it lifts the spirits