Monday, 5 April 2010

Rippled Wrap

The All Shawl is dry now and is packed away ready for it's intended owner. I must have knitted or crocheted an awful lot of things in blue in the past as I had a large bag of oddments. I saw this shawl on Ravelry and decided to try it out in different shades of blue. How large it will be depends on how many more rows I can get crocheted before I run out of blues. It is a free pattern to those of you on Ravelry. Called Rippled Wrap by Cheri McEwan. Hers is made in rainbow shades which is very attractive but as I am using up oddments from stash I had to chose the colours that I had the most part balls in.

Sorry about the fuzzy photos of me wearing the shawl but it is hard to press the shutter and then get into position before the flash goes off and the shutter clicks. I could try to take some with my web cam but it changes all of the colours of everything as you probably noticed with the Blue Curacao shawls that I have just finished. It washes all the colour out of everything.

Buster is really not talking to me today. He won't even play ball with me although as I speak he has found the ball that I keep having to replace the squeak and is dashing around the garden with it. He went out originally to chase away a very cheeky magpie and it's mate who insist on searching my lawn for tasty grubs. I suppose that the rain has brought the tit bits to the surface. I will go out and play with Buster in a few minutes after I have been out with the plastic bag to remove his little ditties from the lawn. Not a pleasant task but as anyone who has a dog knows it is a necessity.

My house is now coated in dog hair and I will be there wielding a mop, a duster and the hoover tomorrow with the washer on the go with all of the throws and cushion covers in. I don't know how I coped when I used to have Buster here full time. I suppose that I could still zip through my housework then. I love having him but this time has been especially hard as I have not been able to walk him so he has been indoors all of the time apart from little trips into the back garden. I am sure that he will be overjoyed to see my son and daughter in law tomorrow. he will get a work out when he meets up with their other dog (not the pup that bit him as he is now in Yorkshire in a new home)

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