Saturday, 3 April 2010

A Nice Spring Morning

It's a lovely spring morning - well it is when the sun stays out. Buster is making the most of it and wants to play ball. When I have finished washing the dishes I will put my jacket on and play out with him for a while. I feel so sorry for him not being walked but there is not much that I can do about that. People have offered to walk him for me but he just won't go with anyone else. It will soon be Tuesday and he will be back at home with the other dog. Thankfully the pup had now gone to a good home so the atmosphere in the house will return to normal. Buster has recovered well and apart from a few scars and a bit of tenderness he is almost back up to strength.

I put the two shawls side by side to show the slight difference in the size. I mad the second shawl on a 6mm hook and the first shawl on the 5.50mm hook as recommended in the Blue Curacao pattern.

I have started an All Shawl from my oddment stash. As usual when I get anything given to me it comes without a label. It is some sort of mohair or imitation mohair and has faint flecks in which you might be able to see in the close up photo. I only have 6 x 25 gram balls so the lacy edging will have to be a mix of different colours but the warmth will be at the shoulders which is the mohair. This shawl is probably destined to an old lady who Sylvia knows as I have run out of old ladies in my family and friends. I have already made shawls for people that I know. I don't make enough to donate them to an old people's home although it is an idea for the winter months in between when I start making homeless peoples hats again.

Today I got a first class letter from the hospital and my heart skipped a beat as I thought that it might be my call up for my operation. When I opened it the letter was recalling me for more tests following my mammogram. It was a bit of a shock but I am thinking positively. I have lumpy breasts which is why I started having mammograms in my 30's so I am hoping that it is just something like that. My Dad always used to say don't worry about anything unless you get told that it is bad news so I am trying to put it put of my mind until my appointment on Thursday. My mother had a non cancerous cyst removed and we both had cysts aspirated so I am keeping that thought in mind. I have no symptoms and can't feel any more lumps than usual so fingers crossed all will be well.

Buster is waiting patiently with his ball in the back garden so I had better do some dog amusing and leave the dishes for a little while.


Beansieleigh said...

Hi Jan! Buster is so cute, rolling around in the grass. Walk or no walk, it looks like he's happy to me!.. Saying a prayer and wishing you the best with your tests. I imagine this is a little unnerving, but probably just standard procedure, to double check everything's "okey-dokey"!! Enjoy the beautiful weekend, and wishing you a blessed and very Happy Easter! ~tina

Enid said...

the shawls look like butterflies resting on the bushes. even more gorgeous full size.
sending good thoughts for Thursday

KnitNurd said...

Your shawls are lovely, Jan!
Great pics of Buster...he doesn't look upset with you at all.
I've gotten those letters before as well and like my mom also, I have lumpy boobs. It's good they double check like that! I will be thinking of you on Thursday. :=)