Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wish That I Could Ride A Motorbike

My friend Sue came to visit me on her fabulous bike. Just check out the paint job.It's at times like these that I wish I could actually ride a motorbike. My ex husband did try to teach me to ride his bike and actually bought me a very small bike but I just could not get the hang of the gears and the clutch. I should explain that my ex was very lacking in patience to teaching me to do anything. He tried to teach me sailing when we had a Topper but he got me so confused by yelling at me all of the time that I almost got off and swam back to shore! Needless to say it was my Father who taught my son the skills of life - like riding a bike. I blame my Father for introducing my son to motorbikes. He used to pay for him to ride the mini motor bikes at the fun fair when he was only small and actually bought him his first off road bike when he was 15. My Dad had been a biker before he got married but had to sell his bike when money got tight and war started. My Mother never let him buy another bike so I think he relived it through my son.

The black crochet has progressed and today I plan to make a paper copy for the sleeves shape as I am changing the pattern from short to long sleeved. I will take a photo later to show you what I mean. I am pressing on to try to get it finished for the weekend as my niece's birthday was the 3rd so it's rather overdue thanks to hairy Buster's visit.

As promised some photos from the Interweave Crochet Magazine Spring 2010. The first is Forest Petals Shawl by Karla McCalmont. I would describe it more as a stole as there is no shaping. Whilst it is very pretty and will appeal to lots of people it is too open for my personal use. I prefer a shawl with warmth as I no longer dress up decoratively for a night out these days.

Flower Power Cushion by Linda Pepmann is very pretty and would liven up a dull sofa

The New Town Swing Sweater by Mandy Moore is appealing to me but mostly because of the colours. It is made in sock yarn so would be a fine crochet project.

The Winkle Vest by Tracy St John is very pretty and looks great from the back. I think that I would have to put some kind of front edging on it as it looks a bit unfinished at the front. It seems to be a trend these days not to put borders on things but I find that the fronts stretch downwards in wear without some kind of support even if it is just a row of double crochet.

The Abalone Shell by Kira Dulaney is a sweet little top but more suited for a flatter chested lady than myself. I would have to put some bust short rows in to accommodate my larger chest.

The red wrap over top also has a pseudo wrap over at the back. Lucine Tunic by Robin Chachula.I think this is one that my niece could possibly like but not sure about it for myself.

The cardigan in blocks is Devon Cardigan by Margaret Hubert. The style is pretty classic but at my age I am not sure about making one front half and half. It kind of reminds me of something that I would make when I ran out of the main wool. But then I am not fashion conscious and younger ladies have different tastes.

The beige sleeveless top is Kristy Cardigan by Dora Ohrenstein and is a lovely little top for the slim. I think this is a possibility for my younger uber slim niece. She suits cap sleeves and a slim body shape.

The Wisteria Shawl by Kristen Omdahl is very decorative but brings out my phobias about linking circular motifs together. Over the years I have tried many times and never seem to link them up right when I am crocheting them together. One day I will conquer this phobia and manage something with circles.

There are lots more items in the magazine including a child's shorter version of the Doris Chan cover cardigan that is already on my list of things to make.There is a bag, a shawl with five peaks but as that is Tunisian crochet I will leave it until I master that skill, a flowered headband and clutch bag for a child, a child's dress in blocks of colour, a very openwork dress for a child and a pair of crochet short cafe style curtains. There is a bright motif mat and an afghan in squares but they are set on an angle like crazy paving.

Today is another sunny day although again not the warmest. I need to settle down and get some crochet in today as my friend has asked me to make her a Doris Chan duster coat for her to wear at her daughter's wedding so I need to start that very soon.

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KnitNurd said...

My son used to ride a Harley. I have to be honest..I'm very glad he has given them up!
Looking forward to seeing your niece's present finished so we can see pics! :=)