Friday, 30 April 2010

Friday Is for Crochet

I have been crocheting for a lot of today. The weather has turned cold again and my knees don't like it so I thought that I would spend the day crocheting to take my mind off things.

I have progressed with the Lacy Duster Coat and it now has two sleeves and I am almost at the place when I change patterns for the bottom third of the coat. I have put a link to the pattern (click on my blog title) for the anonymous person who posted on my last blog page asking which pattern I was using. It is a Doris Chan free pattern and this coat is the third one that I have made but only one of them was for me.

My knitting club friends Kath and Sylvia made it to the Black Sheep sale today and as I could not get there I asked Sylvia to look out for any bargains that she thought that I would like. She phoned to ask if I wanted a couple of packs that she had found for me so of course I said yes. OK I know I was not going to increase my stash but apart from buying wool for gifts I have managed to almost get to May without breaking my New Year's resolution and as I won't make it to Woolfest this year then I won't be tempted into spending there. I won't see my bargain packs for a couple of weeks as I don't see Sylvia every week. It will be all the more exciting when I do get to see them. Sylvia, I hope that you don't mind waiting for the money that I owe you until I see you next.

I wish that I could have gone there myself to have a look but it's probably just as well or I could have come home with a few more packs than the couple Sylvia has picked up for me . I can't wait to hear about what Kath and Sylvia have bought. Yeah for wool sales and bargains!

I may have a rest from the Lacy Duster tonight and start a bit of knitting. If I work too long on one craft then my fingers start to ache. Oh the joys of old age LOL if one bit of me doesn't ache then another bit does.

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