Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Flowering Cherry Tree

The Flowering Cherry tree in my front garden is in bloom and is lifting my spirits just to see it. It is such a pretty tree but unfortunately the blooms are so delicate that the first bit of wind that we have blows the blossoms off the tree. The whole street then looks like there has been a wedding and it is littered with confetti. Next door has also got a flowering cherry but hers is a different variety with darker blossom. It also appears to be a bit hardier than mine when the wind blows. The gardener is coming on Thursday and is starting with the front garden. As she is so busy it will take her a few visits of an hour at a time to get the back garden into shape. I decided to start with the front as that is the bit that people see when they are walking past and also the bit that I can see from my front window.

I haven't got a lot more crochet done. Hardly surprising after yesterday's news. I haven't finished Charlie's sweater off as the collar and placket for the buttons has the contrast colour on it and as I am using an oddment from my stash for this I want to see how the ball is working out with Finlay's sweater first. They should both be finished before the Christening on Sunday.

My GP phoned me yesterday afternoon. He has been in touch with the hospital and has had a row with them over the way they have treated me. He said that they backed down when he said that he had faxed over enough evidence that I was fit for surgery on February 12th and what more did they want. I had left him a copy of the letter and he said to them, like I had, that it just says they require notification from him. Which he gave them. The letter does not state that they required, in addition, a letter. He said I am to phone him back if I don't hear back from the hospital in a couple of days and he will ring them again. He is a lovely GP and was just as angry as me over what has happened. He told them that it was ridiculous for an operation to be cancelled and not just postponed for something like a simple water infection that was cleared up in a week with antibiotics. He said that if my operation date had been in a week then he could have understood it but as they were saying that the proposed ooperation date was up to 15 weeks away then he did not see the logic in cancelling my operation date. He said he had never heard of any other hospital having this policy.Postponement yes but cancellation no. It's good to have the GP on my side. I feel a bit better now. Watch this space. I will give the hospital a few days to get back to me and if they don't then I will take it further.

Today is quite warm but not a lot of sun. I am taking a chance on the weather and puffing some washing outside to dry. I do like it when I can dry clothes, towels and bedding outdoors. Besides which it saves on electricity when I don't have to use the tumble dryer. I do hate washing drooping about the house on racks drying. I had to do that when I was young and my son was small and vowed never again. The only thing that I allow in the house now to dry is when I am blocking out my knitting and crochet.

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Zuleika said...

Wow those tress are gorgeous! :-)

I am so glad your doctor is helping you out. It's good to have someone on your side. I can't believe how badly you've been treated, those people you have to deal with are bloody idiots!