Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Almost Finished

I didn't manage to get as much crocheting done last night as I hoped. I am on the final stretch of the boy's sweaters but of course I have the stitching up still to do once I have finished Charlie's collar and button bands.

Today I got notification from fellow Nora Bev that Black Sheep of Culcheth near Warrington are having a warehouse sale from 30th April until the 9th May. I went a couple of years ago with my niece in her car. I managed to pick up a few bargains but sadly I won't be going this year. My friend Sylvia has discovered that there is a bus from Warrington but after that there is a 10 minute walk to the warehouse. Last time I went it seemed to be up a country lane but maybe I am remembered it wrong.Even so it's a bit much for my poor knees at the moment. They may have some of their bargains listed online if you can't get to the warehouse sale.

I ordered my groceries from Tesco online today. I took advantage of the fact that they tempted me back into online ordering by giving me a £10 voucher if I spent over £50 so I ordered all the heavy stuff and stocked up on things like washing powder, softener and tinned goods ready for IF I get into hospital shortly. When all else fails I can always heat up a tin of soup. I really prefer to go and choose things myself but I just couldn't psych myself into the walk up there and lugging stuff back in my trolley this week. I am saving my knees for Finlay's Christening on Sunday.

Not a very nice day today although it's not raining so that alone is a bonus. It is a bit windy and looks cold outdoors although I haven't been outside to test it as yet.

I am hoping to get back to the Lacy Duster coat this evening once I have finished the boy's sweaters and make a bit of progress on that.

My on line friend Zuleika (Life in the Zu blog) has posted that she has been doing samplers of Tunisian to practise the stitches. Her tension looks beautifully even, so I am even more determined than before to have another try at the Tunisian once I have finished the Duster coat off. I think I expect too much of myself. Because I can knit and crochet I thought I would just pick up a Tunisian hook and race away. When I am teaching people to crochet I always say to learn the technique first and then I am not following my own teaching and want to run before I can walk. I must learn a bit of patience. It's at times like these when I wished that I lived nearer to Zuleika and Beverooni to have some Tunisian lessons. I will try You Tube and see if I get the hang of it through videos.

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