Thursday, 29 April 2010

Boys Sweaters Finished

I have finished Charlie and Finlay's sweaters in time for Sunday. I used a Kay Jones pattern number 77 for them and they took 300 grams of the main colour to make both sweaters. I used Robin DK Shade 059 which I bought from Abakhan in Manchester. It is a cream but has threads of darker colours threaded in the yarn. I used a small ball of contrast that I had in stock. I basically used the pattern but I did change the crochet stitch. The pattern calls for UK half trebles but I changed it to an alternating UK treble and double crochet as I thought that it produced a denser boy type fabric. On the pattern the button bands are in the contrast colour but my ball of contrast was running out so I just used it to border the edge of the button band. I am pleased with the way the sweaters have turned out. It's nice to find a boyish crochet pattern.

I have returned to the Lacy Duster coat and have started one of the sleeves. The pattern has the sleeves crocheted after all of the body is finished but I prefer to do the sleeves earlier than that, before the weight of the Duster makes it difficult to keep swinging the sleeves around as I crochet. The body is starting to get a bit of shape now after the waistline. This is so the coat will swing out at the lower edge once the bottom pattern is started.

My gardener came this morning and weeded and trimmed the bushes and plants in the front garden. It is looking much better but it still has loads of leaves there as the Daffodils didn't flower much this year. Nor did the Crocus, the Bluebells or the Iris. The gardener has fed the soil so that hopefully next year I will get flowers as well as just leaves. I hadn't really touched the garden for a long time and I hadn't fed the soil for 2 or 3 years so it's no wonder I had such a poor show of Spring flowers this year.

I got my Tesco delivery today so I have food in the house once again. It is very convenient having food delivered in this way but to be honest I really do prefer to shop myself and see exactly what I want. Online I tend to buy all kinds of things, spend a lot of money, and finish up with very little fresh meat or veg to actually eat. On the plus side when I go to Tesco next I won't have to lug home any bottles of water and cordial nor any washing powder and softener for a while. I stocked up on my tins also so my future shopping shouldn't be as heavy to wheel home for a few weeks.

It's been a miserable dull day today. I haven't done as much crochet so far today as I fell asleep in the middle of the afternoon. I am getting such a sleepy head these days. I have got into the habit of a little afternoon nap about 3pm. I wish that I felt refreshed after my little naps but they tend to make me even more droopy for the rest of the evening. I try my best not to nap but tiredness overtakes me and I nod off over my crochet. If they were power naps and I woke up raring to go then I wouldn't mind so much. I might sit under my S.A.D light for a little while as there has been no natural sunshine today to waken my brain cells up and it does make a difference to my spirits.


Anonymous said...

I have only one word to say:


Anonymous said...

I just love the duster coat - it looks fab. Where can i source a pattern for it in a book or online purchase?
You've done great work on your blog and crochet. As a mere beginner I'm fascinated.

June said...

There will be two smart little boys when they wear their new sweaters, they have really turned out well and the colours are just right. The duster coat is coming along well and I look forward to seeing your progress with it. Your work, as usual is lovely.