Thursday, 8 April 2010

Good News Day

Today I went for more tests after my recall from my routine mammogram. My sister in law came in with me. First I went for a magnified mammogram to bring up the details inside my breast. It was a bit worrying when she started drawing little arrows on my breast with her pen. I got sent back to the waiting room and then got recalled for a further mammogram as they weren't happy with the first one. When I asked what they were looking at the technician said that I had a suspicious mass in my right breast. My heart sank as I went back into the waiting room.

I then got called to see a radiologist who said that I could bring my sister in law in the room with me.He did a breast palpation and then an ultrasound. He went over my breast but kept coming back to one spot and taking a still photo and then he would go over it again. By the time he had taken half a dozen photos of this one area I was starting to get really nervous. He disappeared with these scan photos and then came back a little while later and said the good news is that there is no trace of cancer. The reason that it took so long to do the ultra sound is that my breasts are very lumpy and the tissue is so dense that it is difficult to see through it. I asked what was this suspicious mass that they had seen in the first mammogram and he said it was probably overlaying tissue. I suppose that is like a tuck or crease in the breast tissue when the machine presses down.

Either way I am overjoyed, I have had 3 previous scares with pre cancerous cells in other parts of my body. The last one being my throat when I had my tonsils and uvula removed and the cells in my throat lasered to prevent the cells developing into cancer. I was told then that it was lucky that I hadn't been a smoker or the results would have been far worse. Thank goodness that has never been one of my vices.

Having been so lucky int he past I was praying that this time my luck would not run out. Thankfully I must be blessed because once again I can breathe a huge sigh of relief.

I have progressed somewhat with the red shawl and have taken the black crochet out of hiding now that the dog hair has mostly been banished from the house. I am making another of the Capricious Jacket but this time I am attempting to make it with long sleeves.Hopefully my niece will get it soon. Better late than covered in dog hair!


June said...

Oh Jan, I am so delighted to hear that you have the all clear and you need not worry about the dreaded C word. You deserve to treat yourself now with some lovely crochet therapy.

Anonymous said...

Can you hear my sigh of relief clear across the ocean????? What wonderful news.

KnitNurd said...

That is wonderful news, Jan...Congratulations!!!!