Sunday, 18 April 2010

ZZZZ - I'm So Tired

My niece came yesterday to pick up her belated birthday present. She was thrilled with the black jacket and the shawls. The jacket has turned out a good fit for her as she does not like anything too big at the front as she never fastens anything. The sleeves are to me a wee bit too long but she says that she likes her sleeves long and droopy.

The reason that I am so tired is Skye the rottweiler. She has never stayed overnight before and was so curious about everything that she would not settle. I tried leaving them both downstairs but she kept barking so I came down and tried to sleep on the sofa. Big mistake as she has discovered the stash of balls that I keep in a waste paper basket for Buster. All through the night she kept giving me a ball and either pushing at me with her nose or clawing at me with her sharp claws. Buster got upset as I kept shouting Lie Down to Skye and he was lay there as if to say "But I am laying down" Eventually Buster sloped off upstairs to bed. I didn't bother shouting him back down as I figured that one of us needed some rest. I feel like I barely closed my eyes last night. My son and daughter in law came for them quite early this morning. She hasn't been any trouble really, apart from ripping every tennis ball to shreds,she just doesn't know her own strength and is very clumsy. She barges into things and knocks everything over. I was afraid of her crashing into my knees but fortunately she only gave them one glancing blow.She is a bit of a bully with Buster though. Whichever ball he has she takes it away from him. She outweighs him by a couple of stone so although he puts up a fight she usually takes it from him.

I think that after I have washed everything in sight that I will try to get a little nap this afternoon before resuming my crochet. My nightdress looked like I had been coal mining this morning from all the paw prints, slobber and wet, dirty ball prints on it. Needless to say no crochet was done last night! My son said next time he has to bring her for an overnight stay he will bring her cage as she will sleep in that.


June said...

The black jacket has turned out lovely, not wonder your niece was pleased with it. Shame you had you sleep messed up last night, you must feel very tired today. We are also looking after another dog, so we have two Cavaliers at the moment, but thankfully, they are both good as gold and slept all night in their beds.

Beverooni said...

Oh, what a dreadful time.

Jan, I LOVE the jacket. It looks lovely. What a beautiful drape and I'm not at all surprised she liked it.

KnitNurd said...

Well done with the jacket, looks great!!!

Ana Luisa said...

just a short note to say the cardigan is beautiful you've done an amazing job!
hope you get a good night's sleep .
take care.