Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday Outing to the Knit Club

Today I went to the monthly meeting of the Knitting Noras. I enjoyed it but my knees didn't. By the time I got home again my knees were well and truly knackered. I think that I will have to stop going until after my operations unless my niece can give me a lift up there sometime.

Last night I went to the combined 70th birthday party for my sister in law and 1st wedding anniversary for my younger niece. I can't believe that a year has gone by since they got married. Time really does whizz by in some respects but not in others. The meal was OK apart from one thing. My family had forgotten that I don't like curry.Yes I know,I must be the only person that I know who can't stand the taste of it. Luckily they had made another dish of aubergines and other veg so I ate that with Naam bread and boiled rice.

Mostly times flies by but I feel like I have been waiting for my operation date for absolutely ages. I think I will ring the hospital tomorrow and ask just how far up the waiting list I am. My son wants to plan a holiday as does my brother and my elder niece who lives nearby. It would be nice to have some idea of a date so I can let my family know roughly when I am going in hospital. I do hope that the hospital did put me back on the list as they promised to do when my water infection was cleared up with antibiotics.

My sister in law seemed pleased with her shawl. I modelled it before I gave it to her so that I could have photos for my Ravelry project site. I like the pattern and wool as it is quite soft and can be scrunched up to make a scarf like shape to wear over a coat in the winter. Today I did a bit more on one of the boy's crocheted sweaters as it is the Christening of the younger one next Sunday and the older one is 2yrs old next week. I have the Lacy Duster to finish but the wedding isn't until the end of May so I will try to finish off the sweaters this week. I was going to knit them little hooded jackets but I knew that I would not have time for those. I will have to give their Mum an I.O.U and start them after I have finished off the Lacy Duster coat.

Tonight I am going to rest my knees as I have an appointment with the practise nurse for a blood test tomorrow. The GP needs to know if I am still anaemic and I have routine blood tests every few months to look at my kidney function as I have impaired kidney function due the the amounts of painkillers I have been taking over the years and the alcohol that I abused them with in the years before my divorce. I am sad to say that I used alcohol as a crutch to get me through the last few years before we split up. It's not something that I am proud of admitting, as it damaged my relationship with my son, but it's something that I did change and I do feel pride that I managed to overcome the urge to drink. I didn't drink at all for many years but now I have the willpower to just have one drink and leave it at that.

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Enid said...

Hi Jan, first off, well done on the alcohol control. can understand if you get temptation as I haven't smoked for over 5 years, but boy could I worry a fag at times!!
your recent projects are lovely. and you have been so quick, especially with S-I-S's shawl.
I learned about tunisian crochet over 30 years ago, altho' I don't do itnowadays. My tool is a 3-piece hook that can be extended/shortened as required. when in full length, I got quite a few comments, definitely not a project to try out on the bus!!!
hope your knees are recovering. good luck with test tomoz