Sunday, 11 April 2010

Shawl Drying in the Sun

It's a beautiful sunny day today.Still a bit on the cold side for sitting outdoors but nevertheless a nice day.I have finished the second shawl from the Contemporary Crochet book by Sys Fredens. This one is called the Shell Pattern Shawl and I made it from 4 x 100 grams of Sirdar Gemini Brushed Chunky.As the wool came from an old lady's stash is smelt a little musty so I have washed it and it is drying on the line. A good blow will get rid of any lingering odours.This shawl is for my niece Vic.

Today I have been out in the garden trying to mow the lawn. I have managed to cut the middle but the edges got the better of me and I couldn't get down to the bottom layer of the garden at all as the steps are so steep.. A lot of people on my street have a gardener who comes every couple of weeks or so and mows the lawn and gives the place a bit of a tidy. I think that he would have to give me an estimate for clearing it up first before it gets to the manageable state. Realistically speaking I am not going to be able to mow the lawn or take care of anything until I get my knees sorted out and it is nice to look out onto something tidy rather than a wilderness which is what it will become if it doesn't get mowed regularly. I would like a bit of colour out there with some flowers as well.

I managed to restart the black crochet last night and did a couple of rows. The trouble with crocheting shawls with thick wool and huge hooks is that when I return to 'normal' crochet it felt like sewing thread and a tiny hook when in fact it was a 4mm hook and double knit. I expect that I will get back into the rhythm of it soon.

I have just closed my patio doors even though it is sunny as I had a huge bee come in and it took forever to find it's way out again. I am allergic to bee stings so try to give them a wide berth wherever possible.


June said...

Another lovely shawl Jan and isn't it nice to be able to hang things on the line again to dry.

Anonymous said...

You have some very lucky nieces, Jan.

KnitNurd said...

Wish we lived closer Jan...I wouldn't mind cutting the grass and planting some flowers for you at all!
Your shawl is lovely..I'm sure your niece is going to wear it proudly. :=)

John said...

You look such a lovely girl Jan x