Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Easy Peasy Shawl

As I didn't finish cleaning the front room properly until today I could not return to my niece's crochet birthday present last night as dog hair was still everywhere. I started this triangular shawl instead. It is a very easy shawl by Sys Fredens from her Contemporary Crochet book. It is just UK trebles with increases in the centre on every alternate row and each end of every row. I started it last night with a ball of James C Brett Marble Chunky that I had left over from when I knitted myself a sweater recently.

The pattern was supposed to be on a 12mm hook but I found the hook too large to work with because of the arthritis in my hands so I changed to a 10mm hook instead. I tend to crochet a little on the larger side anyway and as the shawl is worked from the point upwards then size isn't that much of an issue. I might just have to fit in a couple of extra rows to get it to the right size.

The rippled wrap shawl is now dry. It is quite a bright shawl and as it is made mostly from man made fibre yarn it is light and airy. Hopefully it should still give extra warmth across the shoulders and has the advantage of being machine washable.

I am hoping to get back to the crochet that I put on one side tonight but I might just push on and finish the chunky shawl first as I don't like having more than a couple of projects on the go at any one time. I have so many projects buzzing about in my head that I want to make this year that I just don't know where to start next so I am trying to be disciplined and only have a couple of WIP at any one time otherwise I get overwhelmed and nothing seems to get finished.

It has been quite sunny today but I don't know if it is warm as I have been washing sofas, dusting and hoovering. Housework takes me much longer to do these days and I have to keep sitting down so jobs that used to take me a couple of hours now seem to take me most of the day to complete. Still as long as the work gets done it doesn't really matter how long it takes to do it.

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