Saturday, 17 April 2010

Capricious Cardigan with Long Sleeves

My version of the Capricious Cardigan by Marlaina Bird from the Inside Crochet magazine Issue 5 is finished and blocking. My niece is calling around today to pick up her cardigan and shawls so I hope to get a photo of her wearing the cardigan. She is smaller than me and I don't want to stretch it by trying it on. I try to take photos of myself or whoever a project is made for as it is often pointed on on Ravelry that plus sized ladies like myself like to see how things look on a model that isn't the size of a slim teenager. I always have a look if anyone my size has made something wherever possible to see how it fits and hangs.

I have also finished a baby cardigan from a Kay Jones pattern number 165. Her patterns are available as and are very reasonably priced I made it for a friend's new foster baby who is just a week old. I think however that she may have to change the buttons as they look a little peachy coloured on the Woolcraft Baby DK pink which has a blue tint to the pink.

The bottom matinee coat pattern is one of my favourites but as it is a vintage pattern from my collection I can't tell you where to buy the pattern. There are very similar patterns out there on the net. I made this one for the same baby with a 50 gram ball of Hayfield Pastels baby 3ply that I have had in stash for a while. I still have another 50 gram balls of Pink and White so will try to make another couple of cardigans. You can never have too many cardigans for a newborn.

I am getting Buster for the evening and possibly their other dog if she will stay. My son is going to a function and will be staying overnight as he will not drink and drive so I have volunteered to have them both. It is only for the night so they should be OK but the other dog has never stayed with me before so she may not want to stop with me. I will see when she arrives.

The day is lovely and sunny and I have my washing drying on the line. I am waiting for a gardener to come and give me an estimate for tidying up the front and back gardens. I can't bend down to prune anymore and things are getting out of hand. I think that I will take my crochet and coffee into the garden and enjoy this bit of sunshine.

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Anonymous said...

I am GREEN with envy that you are able to accomplish to much in such a short period of time. Can you even see that crochet hook for as fast as it must go? I bet it even makes a whirring sound as you crochet.

Everything is lovely.