Monday, 12 April 2010

Wish That I had an Extra Pair of Hands

I got my copy of the Interweave Crochet Magazine Spring 2010 today in the mail. Hence the blog title. Don't you just love it when magazines turn up as you are never quite sure when they will arrive so it is always a surprise when they do. I will show you more photos from the magazine tomorrow but the front cover is enough to set me off drooling. It is, of course, by Doris Chan and I can't wait to start it.

This is why I need an extra pair of hands as there is still a lot to crochet on my niece's black cardigan although I did crochet 100 grams last night. I still have half of the body to crochet, long sleeves and the closely crocheted band which take ages as it is crocheted through the back loops only.

The shawl has turned out well but if I made it again I would choose slightly finer wool as it doesn't drape as well as the red one did. Nice pattern though and very easy to make. Once you get past the first couple of rows there is only one pattern row to repeat. I added a shell edging as I thought that it looked a bit unfinished on the pattern.

Today is still a lovely day although not quite as nice as the weekend. I did manage to totter up to the village to get a few bits and pieces. I was going to call into the shop that delivers my newspapers to pay my overdue bill when I met my paper girl and she offered to take the money there for me so saving me a lot of extra walking. I saw her on the way back home and she told me that she had taken it in for me and explained that I was overdue because my knees weren't so good. There are still some lovely teenagers around. They get a bad name in the press as I think the press like to print all of the bad things. I am lucky with my neighbourhood children and teenagers. They are all very polite towards me and say Hi and wave to me when I sit near the window crocheting.

I must get the whip out and make myself crochet faster tonight instead of nodding off over the hook as I am prone to do of late. Sign of old age - taking half hour cat naps during the day and early evening! I blame my new painkillers as I used to stay awake more before I started taking them. Still they are a necessary evil. It's either them and nodding off or being in more pain.

I saw a funny sight on the way home from the village. A neighbour's Boxer dog fast asleep on a mini trampoline. He looked very comfy sleeping there in the sunshine and didn't even flicker an eyelid when I walked past. It's a dogs life!

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June said...

I received my copy today as well. I love the Doris Chan design on the cover and want to make it for myself. I wondered what yarn to use, as the Caron Spa is not easily available here in the UK.