Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Two More Baby Cardigans

I have finished off the pink baby cardigan and have also this afternoon finished off a white baby cardigan. The pattern for the white cardigan is also another of my vintage patterns. Both of these cardigans took just 1 x50 gram ball each of Hayfield Baby 3ply. Although they are a bit more fiddly to crochet I do like very small babies in finer cardigans. I am not as keen on knitting fine wool though and I still have a partly knitted baby cardigan in 4ply from last year that I lost interest in. The baby that I started it for has now grown well out of that size so maybe I will finish it off one day for another baby. I had chosen a boring pattern as it was for a boy so that didn't help my concentration either.

I know that I said I would photograph projects from my new books but I think there are enough photos on the blog today so I will try to put them on tomorrow.

Today started off nice and sunny although cold. This afternoon the wind has arrived and is blowing the trees everywhere. Perhaps it will blow away that cloud of volcano ash and the planes will once again be able to fly. My neighbours got back safely from their holiday in Paris. Fortunately they had decided to go by Euro star instead of flying and had booked their tickets in advance so got a seat home. They are having a new bathroom fitted as I mentioned before but have hit a bit of a stop as their electrician is stuck waiting for a flight home from his holidays. The re plastering has come to a stop as he has to fit a new light fitting and the electrics for the shower before they can finish plastering the walls and then tile them. A bit of a shock. They came back expecting their bathroom to be finished and instead they haven't got one. It's a good job that they are members of the local gym so that they can, at least, have a daily shower there.

I still haven't started the Lacy Duster Coat. I was trying to finish off the baby cardigans so that I can give them to my friend when I see her on Thursday. Once I start and put my mind to it I should have the Duster Coat finished in a week or so.

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lalltop said...

Jan, I absolutely love that white cardigan. I understand that you said it was an old one but have you seen one I may be able to find that looks like it? It is beautiful. I knew you are fast but I didn't expect TWO baby sweaters overnight! Haahaahaaa, Lynn