Sunday, 4 April 2010

Stash Buster All Shawl

I have reduced my stash by a few balls and made this version of Doris Chan's All Shawl. It is a quick and easy way of using up those oddments in stash and is a free pattern for those of you on Ravelry. This shawl has taken 6 x 25 grams of some unlabelled mohair type yarn, oddments of greys and 50 grams of pale blue double knit.I have made quite a few making them striped which is even better for using up bits and pieces. I sort out colours that tone and use the larger balls for the lacy edging. This shawl has turned out slightly smaller than most that I have made but I just wanted to make the body in one colour so crocheted until the grey flecked mohair ran out.The shawl is not for anyone in particular but I am sure that either I or one of my friends will think of someone who will be glad of it. I wear my shawls a lot, especially the smaller shoulder shawls like this one, for that extra bit of warmth in the evenings.

Buster is very fed up with me today. Although it is cold the sun is shining and he has seen a procession of local dogs on their way to the woodland for a walk and just cannot understand why we are not joining them. Never mind it will soon be Tuesday and my son and daughter in law will come and pick him up and take him home again. He still has a couple of scars but everything has more or less healed over,it just needs his fur to grow over them, so he will be able to go for a walk when he gets home. Even if I was fit enough to walk him they didn't bring me his collar and lead. I am not bothered too much about his lead as he is a very obedient dog but I do like his collar on as it has his details on it in case he runs off or gets lost. There is not really much likelihood of that as he is a bit of a clinger but I still like him to wear a collar when he is out.

Tonight I will have another stash dive and see what I can find to give me some inspiration for my next project. Maybe it will be another shawl or maybe something for a baby. I haven't yet made up my mind. My stash is going down little by little although it will take me a while to work my way through it all.

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June said...

Your shawls always look lovely and what a good way to use up spare stash. Glad to hear that Buster is healed up now after his holiday staying with you.