Saturday, 10 April 2010

Start Of Another Shawl

As you can see I still haven't returned to the black crochet. I will give myself a stern talking to and get back to it before long. I am in the mood for shawls at the moment. My elder niece saw this shawl in the Contemporary Crochet book and said that she liked it. I didn't have any pale grey as on the pattern in stash so I am hoping that this brushed cream chunky will be a substitute.

I keep thinking that I should make something for my younger niece but she is a lover of all things subtle and quite dark and most of the stash that I am working with doesn't seem to be 'her' kind of colours. I will get my elder niece to run her eyes over what I have and see if there is anything that she thinks is suitable as she is more in tune with her sister's taste than I am. I don't see much of my younger niece as she lives in London.

My mind is buzzing with so many projects that I have seen in my latest books that I can't seem to crochet fast enough for me. I am always thinking about the next project. Planning things is half the fun isn't it. Wondering which pattern to chose and which colour and then just when I get it sorted I look on Ravelry and there is something else that I like. No wonder my mind whirrs sometimes. I can almost hear the crochet brain cells working overtime. Plus it doesn't help when I keep falling asleep over my crochet in the evenings. Just recently I lose an hour or so of crocheting time through nodding off in the chair.

Today has been a lovely warm summery day. I have been sitting out in the garden in between pegging out washing when the washer stops and reloading it with another load. Nothing spells summer more than a line of washing drying in the sunshine. Of course the minute I sit out I can see that the lawn needs mowing and the shrubs need pruning but I have learned that I can only do one thing at once so the gardening will have to be on another day.

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KnitNurd said...

I sure wish we could've kept our lovely spring weather around a bit longer. Sigh. We are back to cold, cloudy, and rain on its way. At least we got to spend the past couple of days out on the patio, and I know we will get those kind of days back again soon enough!
That's going to be a cute little shawl for your niece Jan!! :=)