Monday, 26 April 2010

It Could Only Happen To Me

As my regular readers know I have been waiting for a letter from the hospital telling me when I am going in for my operation. This morning I decided to give the specialist's secretary a ring to find out how far I was from being sent for. She then informed me that I wasn't even on the list!! You remember when I had the water infection and got taken off the list well apparently after my antibiotics and the all clear results faxed to the hospital I wasn't put back on the list.

When I asked why not she said we have been waiting for a confirmation letter from your GP saying that you are fit enough for the operation. When the all clear results were faxed to the hospital I asked if that was all they needed and they said that it was. I have a letter that says they needed notification of this. Today she tells me that notification means a letter from the GP. I said well if this is the case then why doesn't it say so on my letter?

The secretary is now saying that they can only put me back on the list once they have received this letter and it will be dated as from when they receive it. I was furious. I said it's not fair to put me back at the bottom of the list for something that isn't my fault. If I had been told in February that I also needed a GP's letter then I would have got him to send one Instead I was reassured by the pre op sister that I would be put back on the list now that she had received the all clear test results.

This is exactly the same scenario that happened to me before my spinal operation. They lost me completely in the system and I had to get my MP involved before I was reinstated on the list.

I went to the surgery to see the GP but he wasn't in until later this afternoon. I have left him an urgent note about what has happened and the phone numbers of my specialist's secretary so see if he can influence them I am not blaming my GP. He faxed the information across when I asked him to and at no point was he told that it wasn't sufficient for their needs.

It's a good job that I phoned this morning or I would have been waiting forever for the operation date. I am not going to lie down quietly about this. If they put me back at the bottom of the operation list then I am going to formally complain as this is the second time this has happened to me at the same hospital.

I am still crocheting the first of the boy's sweaters and will hopefully get them done before the christening on Sunday and then it will be all hands to the hook to finish off the Mother Of The Bride Lacy Duster.

I had to get some more blood tests done today and the practise nurse took my blood pressure and it was sky high. I told the nurse what had happened today and she said no wonder your pressure is high. Just go home, rest and take it easy. I have got my chair and my pouffe to put my legs up ready to sit down and do a bit more crochet.


June said...

Jan, I have left you a message on Facebook, saying how outrageous I think this is. Put your legs up and relax this afternoon and do some crochet, you deserve it!

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

flaming hospital are a waste of time Jan. Ring your MP and the prospective MPS, they will be very keen to help as the election is almost here

Enid said...

oh Jan, how very frustating:(
I agree with Amber for you to contact politicians. Make copies of the letter you received and include with your complaint; it will show the instructions given to you. The specialist should have made it clear the requirements.
That first sweater is looking good:)
try to calm down before sleeptime
take care,