Saturday, 1 May 2010

Saturday is a Bit of Knitting

I have started a bit of knitting so that I can knit and crochet alternately over the weekend. I have changed to the different crochet pattern that forms the bottom of the Lacy Duster but still got quite a bit to crochet before I reach the edge. Possibly 12-16". I will crochet some more before I measure it.

As I said yesterday I decided to knit a little to give my wrists a different action and have started the first of a couple of hooded jackets for Charlie and Finlay. I am using Sirdar pattern 1914 and Sirdar Breeze which is a cotton mix. Obviously I won't have them finished for the christening or Charlie's birthday which is why I crocheted the sweaters so that I would have a gift for them on the day.

Quite an uneventful day so far. The sun is shining but it is still quite cold. I do wish that the summer would arrive and bring some warmth to the days. Beverooni has got snow so it makes me feel a wimp for complaining about it merely being cold over here. I am sure that I was born in the wrong country. I think the stork diverted from somewhere warm and dropped me in the UK by mistake. .


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

looking good Jan, I alternate spinning and knitting for same reason:0
1st of May today so hopefully warm days on their way. Pouring down here

June said...

Pouring down here as well. Must be my fault because I bought new table and chairs for the garden. Rained ever since!
The duster coat is looking lovely Jan.