Thursday, 6 May 2010

Crochet For Baby Girls

I love crocheting for baby girls. I love the fancy frilly items that today's mothers shun like the plague. Babies are tiny for such a short time so why not frill them up and dress them pretty for a while. I think that I am a frustrated mother of girls that I never had. All of my babies one present, and 3 lost early before birth, were all boys.

Maybe I should buy a baby reborn and dress it up. My son would really think that I had lost my marbles if I did that but I do love to crochet frilly pretty things.

I finished the little matinee. It is a Sirdar pattern 1901 and used less than 100 grams of 4ply. I think that although it is very pretty I would make it with solid trebles (UK) and not the filet crochet where newborns could so easily get their fingers tangled in.

The baby bonnet is from a pattern by Kay Jones 59.( I use a lot of her patterns as you have probably noticed. I think I have almost bought her complete range of baby patterns now. The pattern calls for DK to be used double so I used a 100 gram ball of white chunky that I had in stash and used it singly. The pink trimming was just oddments of pink that I had in stash. A very quick pattern to make. I made it today whilst watching daytime TV.

I have started knitting the second front of Charlie's cardigan but the trouble with me is that rather like a dieter having one bite of chocolate, and then wanting the whole bar, once I start to crochet I find it difficult to return to my knitting. I guess I have turned into a compulsive crocheter.

There was a forum on Ravelry about people who can't put down their crochet and keep on crocheting until the wee small hours ignoring everything else and I thought thank goodness I am not alone. Other people are out there who are exactly like me! For me crochet is like that good book that you can't put down until you have finished it. Sometimes I wish that I could slow down a bit and not be so frantic with everything that I make but once I start I want to see it finished as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

Precious. I love the sweater and the hat. I absolutely love to crochet and seem to always have a hook in my hand. I too love Kay's patterns. They are so well-written and just plain fun to make.

Mattenylou said...

That set is just darling, so perfect for a wee one.

I always wonder if some of these frilly outfits I make for babies ever see the light of day. Seems they are being dressed in jeans and sweatshirts as soon as they are born, nowadays.

When I ask for a photo, I get the runaround, sometimes, makes me wonder if they ever wear them. I cringe when I hear they are saving them for a special occasion. How many special occasions does a infant have?

I'd rather see the frilly stuff worn with the jeans, than not at all.

Mad about Craft said...

Just to I'm back! I've not caught up with your 'doings' yet but I will.

Allysa said...

I'm new to your blog...I live in the USA and I too love to crochet and especially love to crochet baby things. I have 8 grand-daughters ranging from 15 years to 6 months. One of my daughters loves to take my crocheted items for her two little one's and she tells me that she constantly gets compliments on my crocheted items so I know they are being worn.