Monday, 17 May 2010

Crochet Baby Bolero

I have finished off the lilac crochet baby bolero that I had started before I knew that the baby girl would not be arriving as planned. There may be a baby coming later this week but I am hanging fire about making any more girl clothes until she or he arrives. This bolero is Peter Pan pattern P904 that I bought online last week from Purplelinda. I did the 0 - 6 months size and it took 100 grams of King Cole Baby Acrylic DK.

I have almost finished the All Shawl and I managed to find some toning plain wool in the donated stash to make the bottom pattern so at least it will all be pastel colours instead of having a darker border as I first thought. That is the problem with only getting 4 or 5 balls of any one colour donated. I have to juggle the colours about to make a shawl. I really need to reach everything out of the stash, sort it out better and then put colours that could work together side by side for when I start another shawl. I have found another pattern on Ravelry that looks as easy as the All Shawl and another pattern that would adapt to being striped. Some patterns are beautiful but the pattern stitch would just not look right if it wasn't made in a single colour so that limits my choice of patterns somewhat. Also I prefer the rounded shape of the All Shawl rather than the triangular shape of other shawls as they stay on the shoulders better. As these shawls will be intended for older people I thought that shape would be easier to wear especially if they have limited mobility.

I still haven't practised my Tunisian Crochet with my new hooks but today I ordered a couple of Learn Tunisian books from Amazon. One is expected to be delivered later this week but the other one could take up to three weeks. I hope that they will be easy to understand. I thought that I would wait to try my hooks out when I could read what I was supposed to be doing and hopefully follow instruction diagrams.

My friend has gone to Manchester today and I have asked her if she would look in Abakhan to see if they have any longer colour length multi DK wool for me to use on the crocheted version of the Baby Surprise Jacket. I did order some on line but it is so difficult to see online how long the colour sequences are. When it arrived I decided not to use it as it wasn't suitable and would have turned out flecked instead of striped. If she doesn't find anything then if we go up to Bury Market later in the week I will have a look on the market and in Habiknit.

Thanks to everyone who leaves such lovely comments for me on the blog. I do appreciate each and everyone of them. I do try to keep up with blogs that I follow. I must learn to post more comments as I know how much I value them when people leave them for me. Like Leslie I am somewhat of a lurker on blogs. I read them and mean to leave a comment and then wander off to the next post without doing it.

I am off to watch a bit of TV and see if I can finish the shawl and block it out. I really need to get back to knitting the boy's hooded jackets but I am just not in the mood for knitting at the moment. I will just find another project to crochet. Not sure if it will be another shawl or something neutral for a baby.


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

so pretty Jan, I do love your crochet work:)

Dawn said...

Love, love your work! And I love your beautiful posts!

Honestly, the speedy way in which you finish a garment simply amazes & astounds me!

So, hopefully, some of your wonderful & creative talent for crocheting garments WILL somehow how rub off on me the more I visit.....*grin*

Ana Luisa said...

the baby bolero is so pretty!
I just bought some baby yarn, 200gr, (Omega brand) so hopefully I'll be crocheting a sacque or jacket. I need to look into my patterns and see what I have (not much, needless to say..LOL)