Wednesday, 5 May 2010

I Should Be Knitting

I should be knitting really. I have only made the back and one front of Charlie's hooded jacket and still have Finlay's to make. Instead I got tempted away by a crochet pattern. It doesn't take much to tempt me away from knitting (especially beige) anyway. By the way there isn't a stitch mistake on the back of the jacket. I had a stitch pin marking where I had to start the neck shaping for the front and it loosened a stitch but thankfully it has flattened down again now.

I have started the Sirdar baby crochet pattern that Sylvia bought from Abakhan with some pale pink 4ply (possibly Sirdar Snuggly but as it is a part ball it has lost it's label somewhere along the way) It is working up quite pretty but I have the feeling that it will be quite holey and if I make it again then I will alter the bodice and sleeve pattern to something less meshy. I will decide once I have finished this one.

Yesterday I bought a Crochet Baby Surprise Jacket from Ravelry. I can't show you the photo as it arrived as a PDF and unfortunately I don't have a printer at this moment in time. I will have to buy another printer as I do prefer a hard copy of my patterns. Some of my friends prefer to store their patterns as PDF's but as I don't have a laptop then I would either have to write it out or keep dashing back into this room to read what I am doing next. A bit annoying if I am watching a programme on my TV which is in my main room. Somehow it just seems wrong to have a PC in the room where I am supposed to be relaxing. The PC used to be in the spare bedroom but I brought it downstairs into the dining room some time ago as I got fed up of going up and down the stairs everytime that I wanted to use it. The BSJ is done in Noro on the pattern but as it takes 3 balls there is no way that I will be using anything so expensive for a baby. I will just have to choose something similar but less expensive. It does need a striped kind of wool though to give the same effect as the pattern.

My GP rang me today for an update on the hospital situation and says he is going to bring up my case at the meeting that the GP's are having on Friday. He wants to know if any other patients have had similar experiences to mine as this is twice that it has happened to me. He said at least they have backdated you to March. He was going to ring the hospital again if they had put me to the bottom of the list.

I suppose that I had better do some knitting tonight instead of merely indulging myself with my crochet. I used to knit all of the time but just lately it has become a real chore to knit. I hope that it is a phase as some things do look better being knitted. Socks for example. I have quite a few skeins of sock wool waiting to be made into socks for the winter so I had better find my knitting mojo again soon. I have crocheted socks but they really aren't as comfortable underfoot as the knitted ones.

Coffee time and then the TV is calling to me. I am sure there is a programme on tonight that I have marked down to watch.

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Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOh, lovely pretty little pink thing. I likkkkkke it a lot.

The knitting is coming along nicely and I can't wait to see what you do with the new pattern from Ravelry. I might have to give that one a try myself one of these first days. ;-)