Monday, 31 May 2010

Sunday in Burnley

More tea cosies were made yesterday. I have posted two blog entries today as I had so many photos to put on here I decided to do it as two.

Yesterday two more of the Kings Arms Knit Club, Marie and Valpuri (her blog is Purlpurl Handknits) came along to the shop in Burnley for a Knit Out. As the weather was a little cold and the surrounding shops were closed for Sunday we were not sure how many people would come in the shop.

Rachael barely had time to open the shutters before people started coming in. She was kept busy all day answering questions and teaching people how to knit and encouraging the ones whose skills were a little rusty. Everyone had a good time as you can see from the photos in the previous post. The ladies were interested in how to decorate the tea cosies and she was giving a flower and free form crochet demonstration. The time simply flew by.

It was typical Bank Holiday weather and quite cold inside the shop once again. It seems far more welcoming when the doors can be left open but after a little while they have to be closed for the sake of our cold bodies. The shop is in the shade most of the day and the sun starts to come around in the very late afternoon. Last week they were able to put the chairs outside and knit and crochet in the sun. There is one more weekend of the project next week so I am hoping for nice hot sunny weather.

Rachael hopes to have more tea cosies as people are interested and have taken patterns to make them at home. The yellow and brown pleated tea cosy was knitted at home by a lady in her eighties and she brought in in yesterday. There are more finished and almost finished tea cosies than I took photos of. At the end of the day Rachael gathered them all together in one place and took a photo of them so if you go to her blog Artyarn (click on my blog title) you could see more of them there. There is actually a photo of my wrinkly hands crocheting a tea cosy in pink. I finished the bare bones of it but still have to make the flowers to decorate the top. I left the tea cosy at the shop so there won't be any finished photos of it until next week. The last photo is of Rachael wearing a tea cosy on her head.

Today the sun is trying to shine this morning but it is still cold and I have masses to do. I need to run the hoover around and dust etc but that is the boring bit. I want to finish off the crocheted grey aran as I only have to make the neckband and button bands and of course stitch it all together. All the pieces are draped around the living room so it will look a lot tidier in there once it is finished.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my weekend out. It is so nice to meet and chat with people instead of being stuck in the house all of the time. It's amazing how conversation stimulates the mind and takes my mind off the pain in my knees. I feel as though I have had a shot in the arm of energizing thoughts. I hope that my knee ops come soon and then I can take part in things like this on a more regular basis.

Time for breakfast and to tackle those boring chores. I have to strike whilst my enthusiasm for housework is still there. The longer I leave it then the more I don't do it. My energy levels are higher in the mornings.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish I could have been there. This is just my "cup of tea." I love doing all these fun projects and to do them with others makes it even more special. I love your tea cozy, Jan. So bright and "bubbly" looking.