Tuesday, 25 May 2010

No Books Today

I had hoped to be showing you the new Doris Chan book and the Learn Tunisian Crochet but as yet they have not been delivered. I guess that I am impatient but whenever I get the e mail from Amazon telling me that a book has been dispatched it normally arrives the next day. I guess I will just have to wait a bit longer. Sigh.

Instead I will show you some more photos from the Sirdar book 376 that I got from Purplelinda yesterday. As I said yesterday the cardigan with the motifs around the edge that I showed the single leaflet of yesterday is in this booklet.

Yesterday I showed a photo of the front cover which has an over top and inside there is a dress, both in circular motifs. They are very pretty but I am absolutely allergic to joining circle motifs together. I can do squares and hexagons but never circles. I just seem to have a blind spot when it comes to joining round motifs.

I love the little short sleeved jacket with the circular yolk. It is in double knitting and I think it looks so feminine over a pretty summer dress or top. It would probably work in a darker colour over a sweater in the winter. It is also shown on a little girl with a long sleeve so I presume that it could be worked in a ladies size as well and that definitely would work for all seasons.

The pretty openwork bolero is another decorative shoulder bolero that also comes in a child size as you can see in the bottom photo. Again that is done in double knit and would make such a nice addition to liven up a plain dress. I like the way that all the designs in the book are either in white or cream as it takes me right back to the late 60's/early 70's and the cheesecloth fashions. Everything was white or cream with lace borders and inserts and I loved wearing those designs.I bought a cheesecloth skirt and embroidered top in Carnaby Street and thought that I was the queen of fashion. This bolero would be great in fancy silk or lurex yarn for over an evening dress instead of a shawl.

The short sleeved cardigan with the openwork insert at the waist is similar to the one that I was admiring in Bon Marche the other day when I went to Bury with Sylvia. Once again so pretty in white but would also work in black or red for the winter.

The very openwork tops remind me of holidays and beach cover ups. Once again they are purely decorative but I can also see them being worn in the winter over a T shirt and skirt or trousers. I could never wear it unless I had a summer vest top underneath it but I think it looks lovely over the simple white dress as the little girl is wearing it.

Apart from the dress and top in circular motifs I will probably be making most of the things in this book.

The bottom photo is showing the reworked sleeve and part of the jacket back and another sleeve. I haven't progressed with this aran style crochet as fast as I would have liked but I did have to remake the first sleeve as it came out too wide. I may need to put a couple more rows on the sleeve once I get the measurements from Sylvia.That is the beauty of crochet. I can leave it and go back to it. It's harder to do that with knitting as every piece. would be left on spare needles.

Today the weather has gone colder. It's still sunny but the heat has gone out of the sun. Looks as though our summer came and went in 3 days. I do hope that we do have a bit more sun before long.

I do hope that I have the books from Amazon to chat about tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I'm really lovin' that jacket. I can't wait to see it all finished. Wish it were coming my way.

Wow! Those are some great patterns. I really like the shrug the little girl is wearing. Very pretty and so sweet looking. You're going to be busy busy busy.

Ana Luisa said...

oooooo! That Sirdar book is amazing, such gorgeous crochet! Lucky you! :)