Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Lacy Duster Coat Finished

The Lacy Duster coat is finished well in time from my friend Sue to wear as Mother of the Bride later this month. It hasn't been properly blocked out as yet so it looks as if the fronts are longer than the back on the hanger. I will leave the proper blocking for Sue to do as my days of crawling over towels pinning out on the floor or my double bed are part of the past. The photos on here are just of the bottom pattern blocking. The coat pattern is one of Doris Chan's and is a free pattern. I gave the link a couple of days ago. I am not sure what the yarn is that I used as Sue brought it for me to crochet. It feels like a cotton crepe and as, like me, Sue is a lover of mill sales and unlabelled branded wool sales then it could be any brand. When I had a wool shop we used to get offered packs from the major spinners. If a batch was dyed slightly off colour to their shade card, spun slightly finer or slightly thicker then they would take off the labels and sell it as a Sale item. We were sworn to secrecy not to reveal whose brand it was but of course I used to say well it's very much like so and so.

I will hopefully post photos of it being modelled later in the week. I won't try it on as I am several sizes larger than Sue and don't want to stretch it before the big day. If she picks it up this week I will attempt to make her model it but it could be a bit awkward if she arrives in her leather motor bike gear ;-) I have left threads hanging as I don't want to darn them in when the coat might need longer/shorter sleeves or a bit unravelled from the bottom.

I am back knitting the hooded cardigan for Charlie and have finished the back. I have cut a couple of inches off the finished length of it as it said 15" back length for a 2-3 yrs old but for 1-2 yrs it is only 12 1/2" When I saw Charlie on Sunday although he is quite a stocky child he isn't very tall. Neither are both of his parents so that isn't a surprise. He is only just two anyway. His birthday was yesterday.

I rang the hospital today to see if they had sorted out the mix up over my operation date. I was told that I am once again on the waiting list but they have only backdated it from March 10th and not Feb 12th when they received the fax from my GP.I asked if the list was still 15 weeks long and the secretary said Oh we have people on the list from January who haven't had their operations yet. I was holding off starting any more large projects but it sounds as if I will have plenty of time to make loads more stuff before I go in.

Today is sunny and a bit warmer than the weekend. I have washing blowing on the line but don't quite feel ready to sit out and crochet this afternoon. So far today I have had Jehovah's witnesses wanting to pray with me, the postman wanting to leave a parcel with me and an automated phone call asking me to consolidate my debt. As I don't have any debt then I just hang up but that means that they will continue to phone me as they do every other day. The message actually says - Don't hang up. As if I am going to sit here and listen to all the blurb for something that I don't need.If it was a human on the line at least I could tell them that I do not need their services but I am not listening to five minutes of blurb to press a button to choose options. I will just have to hope that by the hundredth call they will realize that I am not interested! I have telephone preferences and this screens most of the junk phone calls but anything coming from abroad cannot get stopped. Grrr


June said...

That really is a beautiful coat. I think it looks lovely in that colour and yarn, whatever one it is. Looking forward to seeing it on your friend and hoping we will see some actual photos of her wearing it at the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Even if she's in her leathers she needs to model this so you can get a picture of it on her. It's lovely, Jan. The color is really pretty, isn't it?

KnitNurd said...

Oh Jan, that duster is very pretty, and yes, please have your friend model it!!!
I sure hope the hospital speeds things up for you. You have definitely been put through your paces with all that crap!
Here in the U.S., we have a registry to put our phone numbers on if we want to not be bothered by the junk calls. If we receive one after registering our number, they are breaking the law and can be fined. The only ones that can call are charity and political (of course the politicians are going to make themselves exempt!). All in all, it's a pretty decent program and we rarely get any calls at all.