Wednesday, 19 May 2010

More Supplies From Bury Market

Although the sun wasn't exactly shining today the weather was still mild enough for me to meet up with Sylvia and go to Bury Market. As you can see my stash has been increased. I bought the blue/beige/cream mingled Teddy Picasso from Habiknit but the rest of the stash came from the stall on Bury Market. Sylvia bought the rest of the wool as apart from the navy blue it will all get used up to crochet for the foster babies. The blue is a present to me from Sylvia. She also bought my lunch so all in all I have been one lucky girl today.

By the end of our ramble in the market I think we both had leg issues but it is so nice to get out in the fresh air and meet up with friends. There is nothing like a good browse. I am just sorry that my knees won't allow me to look in more shops.

I will probably be sore tomorrow but what the heck I had a good day out and that's what is important.

I managed to buy some large stretchy shorts whilst I was out. I wanted them to wear when (and if ever) I go into hospital as I have been told that I will have to practise some exercises before I will be allowed to go home and I thought that wearing shorts would be more ladylike whilst I am doing them and also they would fit better over all the bandaging and padding that will be there for a few days. Hopefully it will be warm enough to keep wearing them once I get home and so save having to try to pull long trousers over my knee until it heals. I don't know why I worry about what I look like when whilst we were in Bury we came across a very plus sized lady wearing those thick black tights in place of trousers. Not a pretty sight I can tell you. I felt like asking her if she had forgotten to put on her skirt! Sylvia said that she could see that she had white knickers underneath through the fabric. Yak. I was too busy wondering if she had a pillow stuffed under her tights or whether her rear end really was that large! I am a plus sized lady but like to think that at least I look covered up and ladylike whilst I am out although my sweater did keep riding up today revealing my back support. I did keep getting a 'psst' from Sylvia saying my corset wae showing ;) I wonder if they do back supports in black or red satin with lace?

I am dying to start some more crochet tonight but I am waiting to see if the foster baby does arrive at my friend's tomorrow and if it is a girl. With fostering one never knows what will turn up or when. Also how old and what size is always a bit f a mystery.I have my fingers crossed for a baby girl this time.

I will try to drum up some enthusiasm for doing some of the boy's knitting. I haven't knitted a stitch for over a week now.

I have regularly crocheted whilst out and about but today was a first for sewing up a matinee coat whilst waiting for food at an outdoor cafe. I managed to finish off the second matinee coat in pink but there is only a photos of it in bits as I gave the finished one to my friend today. It is almost identical to the other one I made but is just a row longer in the skirt part, The cream crochet jacket is one that I made for another baby ages ago and never gave it to that baby.

Time for a coffee and a think about what tonight's project will be. I don't want any dinner as I had a big lunch so that's one chore less to do tonight. I am definitely not Nigella Lawson in the kitchen.

I have just had a phone call from my son saying that I am only getting Buster for the weekend. Someone else is looking after Skye. He may arrive tomorrow night or Friday morning so it's a nice long weekend for the two of us. I hope the weather stays nice as Buster likes to play in the garden with his ball.


June said...

Glad you had such a nice day Jan. I love a good market and Bury Market sounds a good one, especially as they have a yarn stall there as well and the new yarn looks lovely.

lalltop said...

Hi Jan,
I am glad you had a good day shopping and got yourself some more yarn, it is very nice.Tomorrow is our sit and knit although I still don't knit I am really looking forward to it. I am learning to knit I just have small problems with it now and then. I just wanted to let you know I am still reading your blog and cheering you on in all of your endeavors. Enjoy your crocheting and knitting, Lynn

Enid said...

rawhat a nice collection for stash!!!! I would love a trip into Bury, but bus takes too long, and tram expensive, with a half hour bus ride to and from. A trip there has been discussed at my knitting group, and plans afoot to go in convoy for us non-drivers.
Great work on the All Shawl, some lady will love it.
hope your knees have recovered for weekend with Buster