Monday, 24 May 2010

More Patterns today

The postman called today. He didn't bring my Doris Chan book nor the How to do Tunisian Crochet book that Amazon have told me are on their way but he did bring me some patterns that I ordered from Purplelinda.

The King Cole pattern 3132 is a jacket and tunic dress in DK,2825 is a V neck or button up cardigan in DK with a lacy scalloped edge that is from a 24" - 40" chest, the baby pattern 3053 which can be made is 4ply or DK and is from premature to 2 yrs.

The Sirdar pattern are a short and long summer cardigan with motifs around the edge in 4ply which goes from a 24" chest to 46" and a baby short or long sleeved openwork jacket also in 4ply from Birth to 7 yrs.

The Cotton Crochet book 376 has designs in 4ply and DK and I will post photos of the contents tomorrow. The 4ply cardigan pattern with motifs that I bought is also featured in the book. This is a bad habit of Sirdar that I am not fond of. When I pay for a book I don't want it including a pattern that I have just bought as a single leaflet. I have a good crochet friend Sue that I can pass the pattern onto when she calls next as she has two granddaughters.

The Anchor Intermezzo edition had me fooled when it first arrived. I has instructions in various languages and at first I could not find the English bit. I thought that I was going to be crocheting with a dictionary in one hand. There are two Tunisian patterns in it so I hope my instruction book comes soon. The front cover cardigan, hat and bootees and the lemon trouser suit are in Tunisian. The rest are crocheted but are fine wool and fine hooks. Eek. The book does have patterns that could be adapted for a boy if I left off the scalloped edge and the flowers. The jacket on the front cover could be for a boy if the plaited i cord trim and crocheted buttons were left off.

Today has been a little cooler. The gardener came and mowed the back lawn and sprayed the weeds so I am tidy once again until she comes in a couple of weeks.

I undid the sleeve of the grey aran cardigan that I was crocheting for Sylvia as it came out wide. I have reduced it by two cable patterns and although it is still roomy I am gong to leave it as it is supposed to be a jacket and not a cardigan and I think that it wouldn't look right with even slimmer sleeves. Tonight I will go back to crocheting the back now I know how many balls of wool the sleeves will take. I have 20 balls but Sylvia wants the jacket quite longish so I want to check how much each piece will take. It's awful to get to the end of a project and then find out that I haven't got enough wool especially when it is a wool where I can't buy another ball.

Tonight it is the moussaka that I bought at the Farmers Market for dinner with some garlic bread that I didn't notice was extra strong when I bought it. It's a good job that I live and sleep alone !! If the postman calls tomorrow I will knock him over with my second hand garlic breath!


sylvia said...

All the patterns are beautiful Jan cannot wait to see them made up.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Lovely patterns. I had to wipe the drool off my chin twice before I got past the second picture. Can't wait to see what you make from them.