Monday, 10 May 2010

The Postman Called Today

I just love it when the postman calls with a parcel for me. Even though I ordered it and know exactly what is in the parcel there is still something exciting about ripping open the envelope and seeing the contents. My parcel today came from Purplelinda. I love the acrylic hooks that they sell even though I am the kiss of death to the finer ones. They are labelled that they are only suitable for fine work but hey ho breaking a couple is the price I pay for loving the feel of them. They are so lightweight and as I can't use bamboo hooks they are the best thing for my arthritis. The wool is to try the crocheted version of the Baby Surprise Jacket. I bought the pattern on Ravelry a few days ago and I am hoping that this wool has a long enough colour sequence to give the jacket a striped effect. It is so easy to find sock wool with long colour changes but more difficult to find long length double knit unless I pay loads of money for hand dyed wool which quite frankly I think is a waste of money for a young baby.New Mums have enough to do without having to hand wash baby cardigans.

I couldn't resist the bolero pattern. It is P904 by Peter Pan and although I have a couple of bolero patterns already this pattern is in DK. I think that I need to hide my card so that I can't order any more on line for a week or two. It's like an addiction. Other people love clothes and shoes, some collect jewelry. I just love anything related to crochet.

I have finished the pattern 220 by Kay Jones. I decided to edge it with pale green so that it could be used for a baby boy. It was a very easy pattern to make and I am sure that I will be using the pattern again. The pattern goes up to a 26" chest so I am not limited to using it for baby sizes.

I have started another Kay Jones pattern with the green that I have used for the trimming. I have chosen a hooded jacket in a rib effect crochet. I will post photos of that tomorrow.

Yesterday I sorted through my stash and put the baby colours in one box as I seem to be in the baby cardigan making mood. I have quite a few balls of white but have left them in their packages. I just wanted to see what colours I had in stash.

I really need to tidy up the rest of the stash as it has got very higgeldy piggeldy since I inherited lots of odd balls to use in my homeless hat and scarf making. I will use these up later in the year ready for the cold weather. I need to sort out 'my' stash that is destined for my personal use away from the donated stash that is destined for my charity crochet and knit.

My knitting has hit a stop this weekend. I can only knit if I am feeling tip top but if I am not then I find crocheting is something that I don't have to concentrate on quite as much.The weather has turned cold again which affects my joints anyway. Bring on the sunshine!


June said...

Oh Jan, I now that feeling when a parcel arrives. That new yarn looks very interesting with its mixture of colours. The little cardigan is beautiful in the white and pale green and would suit a baby boy or girl.

Anonymous said...

You make me feel so lazy. All the things that you accomplish and I sit here contemplating my navel most of the time. UGH! The green around the little sweater is just beautiful and you're right, it makes it perfect for either a boy or a girl. I'm going to have to make that pattern soon (along with the other 10,000 I have). You really inspire me, Jan.

Allysa said...

I have this pattern but haven't made it yet...your little cardigan is beautiful...think I will have to make it.

KnitNurd said...

That little jacket is adorable, Jan! You are so quick and everything always looks so beautiful.