Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Crochet Hooded Baby Jacket by Kay Jones

As you can see not a lot of housework has been done in my household. I have finished off a green hooded baby jacket. It looks a bit crinkly but that is because I made it from wool that I 'inherited' and it had been unravelled and re balled when I got it. All of the crinkles will drop out the first time that the jacket is washed so all will be well. All I know about the wool is that it felt like acrylic and I think there was approx 3 x 50 grams. The edging is sometimes called crab stitch. It is UK double crochet but worked from the left to the right making a rolled edging.

The pattern is number 50 from Kay Jones (www.creativecrochet.co.uk) and I can whizz through her patterns as I find them so easy to work from and it's such a treat to me not to have to convert the pattern stitches from US double crochet into UK trebles all of the time. Kay would probably sell more patterns if she did write them in US terms but for selfish reasons I hope that she never does as I am so grateful to be able to crochet without studying every row of the pattern and converting it in my head. As I have bought loads of her patterns at least I will always have those written in UK terms.

Today has been freezing cold once again although I did manage to dry some washing outside in the few brief moments of sunshine that kept appearing through the day. My knees are creaky in the cold hence all the crochet that I have done today.

I have started a tiny cardigan with some scrap wool. Once again it is a re balled oddment so I have started the waistcoat on the top right of the King Cole pattern 3151. I think that I will have enough to put sleeves in it as it is turning out a mere 16" chest. I have another scrap of wool that I will make the waistcoat with but I will start the next size up with this wool.I am going to leave the pockets off as I am making such small sizes. It is a lovely pattern stitch. Almost like a bobble but so easy to do. I got this pattern ages ago from Purplelinda but this is the first time that I have used it. As I like the stitch and it goes up to a 24" chest I can see myself making more from this pattern.The hooded jacket looks very sweet as does the short sleeved polo and the striped cardigan. More ways to use up my part balls.

No other news except that bad knees must be catching on my street. The guy who lives across the road from me is limping. He twisted his knee whilst hiking last weekend. I refrained from telling him that this was how my knee problems started. He is only young though and probably doesn't have underlying osteo arthritis so fingers crossed that after physiotherapy he will be back to his normal self soon.


Allysa said...

Your work is so beautiful!!!

KnitNurd said...

Beautiful, Jan!! You are a baby cardigan superstar!!!