Friday, 7 May 2010

Lacy Duster Coat

My friend Sue came today and pick up her Lacy Duster Coat ready for her to wear at her daughter's wedding.I hope to get more photos of it on the wedding day but I insisted that she tried it on for size today. I think that she is very pleased with it.

I have been plodding along with Charlie's jacket and have now finished off both fronts, the back and half of a sleeve. I will get there slowly but surely. I always make the bigger child's jacket first and then the smaller one seems to fly off the needles.

I have also started a crochet matinee coat using one of Kay Jones patterns. I will post some photos of that tomorrow. At the moment I have only made the back so not much to see.

I know what you mean Mattenylou. I have stopped making things for my great grand daughters as I never saw them wear anything that I made except for 2 hats that I made last year. I would rather give my work to someone who appreciates it. Some mothers don't want their babies in hand knits and yet other mothers love everything I make. I suppose it's all a matter of taste.

The teenager from next door has just come to show me her prom dress and her tan. She is wearing 5" heels and a sophisticated black dress. Gosh it just seems like two minutes since she was at junior school and here she is graduating from her senior school. She has had her hair and nails done so no doubt she will be driving the guys wild tonight. The effect was slightly marred by the goosepimples and the shivering that she was doing but the young don't want to wear a jacket.

I had a little furry visitor today. Next door's dog Poppy popped in to see me.The minute that she hears my back door open she is there. I haven't seen much of her over the winter months but now that the better weather is coming and I am pottering about outside hanging washing then no doubt she will be calling on me more often. She comes in and goes straight to the basket that Buster keeps his tennis balls in and chooses one to play with. I can never move that basket as it is communal dog property.

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Beansieleigh said...

Hi Jan! Love this duster coat! Very pretty!.. Your little furry visitor sounds cute too! ~tina