Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Still No Books

I waited in all day in the hopes that my books would get delivered. I got excited when I got a knock on the door this morning but it was the postman with a parcel for my neighbour.I have never known Amazon to be so slow with their deliveries once they have sent the e mail saying my books are in the post. I do hope that they arrive tomorrow. I start to worry when parcels don't show up when I expect them.

I have been crocheting away with the grey jacket. I am doing it in pieces as I am juggling the wool. I want to get the back and fronts to the same length to see how much wool I have left to finish off the jacket. The green jacket is my old version of the pattern but Sylvia's won't be quite as long as I won't have enough wool for that.I am not putting a base rib on Sylvia's either as it pulls around the bottom. I think a simple UK double crochet edging will be better.

I haven't gone mad and knitted the child's cardigan in red chunky overnight. I made this jacket ages ago and it had a very small dodgy looking hood that I was never happy with. I decided last night to take off the hood and remake the neckline with a neckband. At least now it can be worn.

Nothing much else to report. I have had a quiet day. I was supposed to be doing a few things but instead I waited for the books to arrive. The postman doesn't bring items from Amazon so they can arrive any time during the day. One time my books arrived at 6pm. Amazon use a home delivery service instead of the post.

Still no concrete news on any foster babies but we do know that there are baby girls around waiting to be fostered so fingers crossed that my friend gets a girl. Meanwhile I have stopped crocheting baby things until we know for sure that a baby is arriving soon. Babies go into foster care for all kinds of reasons. Temporary placements and more permanent ones. Newborns and toddlers. I am waiting to see what arrives sometime soon before I make any more items for my friend.

I am going to have a rummage in my buttons that are left over from when I had a shop and see if I can find any suitable for the grey aran. Not that I think I will get to the borders tonight but if I find more than one type of button suitable then I can give Sylvia a choice before I make the buttonholes. Depending on what buttons I have defines the size of the buttonholes

Fingers crossed that my books get delivered tomorrow as I have to go out to do some shopping soon and as I am the person who takes in everyone else's parcels I know that no one will be home to take in my books if I miss the delivery man. I can't report them as missing until 7 days after dispatch anyway.


glor said...

These sweaters are beautiful. You certainly are an artist with yarn.

Enid said...

hi Jan, bloody annoying having to wait in. I was thinking, maybe the Fates are holding back the books so that you finish current WIPs? Cuts down backlog of UFO. I agree with Glor, the sweaters are beautiful.
hope the knees are okay?