Tuesday, 18 May 2010

A Pink All Shawl

I have finished another All Shawl. This one will be put away to be hopefully joined by a few other shawls before Christmas. Sorry about my rather miserable face but I was concentrating. It isn't easy taking photos of yourself. I have to find the right place to put the camera and then press the shutter and rush to where I am supposed to be standing. I had already taken 4 blurred photos before these and so I was so intent to get the shawl in that I forgot to smile. I still didn't get the angle right but I was getting fed up so I decided that these photos would have to do.

The shawl pattern is of course the All Shawl by Doris Chan and I made this from 4 x 50 grams of discontinued Sirdar Sea Pearl for the main part and 3 x 50 grams of Wendy Monaco in a toning shade for the edging as I didn't have enough Sea Pearl to make the whole shawl. I think that it is a nice subtle colour that will suit an old lady at Christmas. I am not a lover of crocheting anything mohair or fluffy but this didn't crochet up too badly.

When I gave my friend the baby cardigans that I had already made another foster Mum fell in love with the Sirdar pale pink openwork jacket that fastens with a ribbon. As my friend didn't want to part with the one that I had made ( she is still hopeful of getting a baby girl) I said I would make another one. The main part is crocheted all in one and I have just got to the part of dividing for the fronts and back. Hopefully I will get it finished off tonight as all being well I am meeting my friend tomorrow for a browse around Bury Market. It's far easier to give her things insead of having to post them. We can never make definite plans as it all depends on the weather, her legs and my knees. If both of us are having a good day and the sun is shining we will be off to the market. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

I went up the village today to collect my prescription. I really enjoyed the walk as my knees were behaving and I wasn't in too much pain. When I came to take my painkillers after dinner I realized why. I had accidentally taken two extra painkillers. I remember now that I took some with my coffee before lunch and then when I made some lunch I forgot that I had taken them and took 2 more. Not a thing to be recommended as overdosing can lead to all sorts of problems but it has proved to me that my painkillers are not strong enough at the moment. My GP did say that he would up the strength a few weeks ago but when I asked him on the phone he has still given me the same ones that I had before. When I queried this he said that he didn't want me to get used to too strong a painkiller as after my knee op I would not get the full benefit of taking strong ones then. I suppose he is right but it would be so nice to lessen the pain in my knees now and again.


June said...

Fingers crossed for a nice sunny day tomorrow, so that you and your knees can enjoy your trip to the market. Love the pink All Shawl, it will make a beautiful present for someone Jan.

Debi Y. said...

Your shawl is pretty - great work.

I also would like to tell you that I absolutely love your blog. I just found it a few days ago and have enjoyed reading through it. :)

glor said...

The shawl is beautiful, what a wonderful Christmas gift this will be.

Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Wow another gorgeous shawl Jan I love it:) One of these days I'll learn to follow crochet patterns and I can then crochet some shawls instead of knitting them all the time. Hope you got to Bury market