Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Crocheted Aran Is Finished

I finally got around to sewing the buttons on Sylvia's aran. I was going to put a small border of double crochet around the bottom to stop it curling up but by the time I had stitched the jacket together I finished up with a mere 40" of wool left. The jacket took 20 balls of Patons beehive Aran and the pattern is from Glorious Crocheted Sweaters book edited by Nola Theiss.

My niece called this morning as I had a 9am appointment at the hospital for a review of my CPAP machine. I couldn't have got there on public transport at that time as the trams and buses are all crowded with commuters on their way to work. If I can't get a seat then I find it very difficult to keep my balance when the vehicle is in motion. Fortunately for me my niece is on half term holidays from the school that she teaches in and was able to take me.

When we came back she helped me to fill in my Disability Living Allowance renewal booklet. She knows me as well as anyone and knows what my day to day struggles are.I knew what I wanted to say but as my handwriting is big and sprawling and the places to write in on the form were very small she wrote out what I was trying to say. Better spelling and grammar than I would have done. I have photocopied all of the letters from the hospital outlining my problems so I hope that there will be no problems in renewing my claim. I don't get much per week but it does help with taxi fares and paying for my garden to be mowed. Things that I can no longer do.

My son rang today to remind me that I had promised to have Buster this weekend. I won't be able to go Tea Cosy knitting for Towneley Hall in Burnley this weekend which is a shame as I was looking forward to it. I can't leave Buster for hours on his own. He is getting older now has a weak bladder and it isn't fair to expect him to go for hours without a toilet break. I can leave him up to 4 hours and he is OK but any longer and he will have an accident and that makes him very upset.

I love his company. he is such a loving dog so I will enjoy my weekend with him. I looked in my Tunisian book and discovered that there is a DVD is there also. Amazon have e mailed me to say that my other learn Tunisian book is on it's way so I will see which is the easier book to follow.

The weather is cold today. Who would think that it is supposed to be flaming June?
My knees really do not like this cold weather and will no doubt keep me awake tonight. I have to monitor my oxygen levels tonight with a device that the hospital have loaned me. I monitors my heart rate, whether I stop breathing in my sleep and how much carbon dioxide there is in my blood stream whilst I sleep. I have told the technician that i will wake up several times with my knee pain so not only do I have to wear my mask and the device I will also have to remember to note down the times when I wake and walk about. Sounds like a really restful night for me then! I have got a new mask as I am increasingly tired due to my old mask leaking. My niece has to take the device back to the hospital in the morning for me. What would I do without her?


sylvia said...

The Jacket looks wonderful Jan Thank you.

lalltop said...

Jan that jacket is very, very pretty... You do such beautiful work... Love it!.. LynnA

alajnabiya said...

I LOVE the jacket. I went straight over to Ravelry to favorite it, but I guess you haven't posted it yet, so I will just comment here. I want something like it for my self, and was wondering how much yarn I would need.

I hope they get your machine sorted out and you start to sleep better.

June said...

Lovely Jacket Jan. Your crochet work is wonderful, as the pattern looks so complicated to me. Hope you get your machine sorted so that you can have a good night's sleep.

Seelenfein... said...

So a beautiful jacket, looks so pretty. Really.

Look at this http://meggi1908.blogspot.com/2010/06/mein-erster-blog-award-freu.html ;o)

Lovely greets,